Friday 10 February 2017

Calligraphy Art Kit - Dottieshop

We love all things beautiful and we love the creative flair you can add to handwriting. We found love in calligraphy...

Some time ago, Jazz and I were at an event where we saw a lady promoting her skills of calligraphy writing. It spoke strongly to us. We want to learn! The folks of my era will probably still remember calligraphy classes during Art lessons, and I treasured the skill so much that I kept the pen and ink for a very very long time. It's gone as of today and without practicing that for decades, it's clean forgotten.

This recently, our friend Dotz,  from Dottieshop heard our desire to pursue the art of writing and instantly offered her pack of calligraphy kit. Being excited is an understatement, Jazz is overjoyed! A moment when I finally witnessed the girl outgrowing those princessy activities.

The kit was most conveniently packed in a zipped folder with full set of instructions, practice sheets, brush pen and print cards. I didn't know calligraphy came in brush pen.

I explored it together with Jazz and it really was a wonderful way to bond. The written instructions were well organised and easy to follow through. The writing on the print card allowed us to admire and visualise the weaving of letters into beautiful words and phrases. 

Beautiful things are highly contagious. The boy wants to learn too! Practice sheets ran out, so we used a notebook for practice. After which we realised, Dottieshop will be more than happy to send a link to print more practice sheets, if those in the purchased kit is insufficient.

I love how Js are occupied this way, learning a new Art. Jare is 6 year old, so I do think it's appropriate for any keen child above 5 or 6. The kit is highly portable, light and compact. You can bring it for travel or anywhere you like. Of course, you do need a good amount of space where you can have the right posture for writing. 

Dottieshop seeks to create things of beauty. You can choose from brush calligraphy, water colour painting, scrapbooking and paper replicas. Jare even tried drawing and painting dinosaurs with her dinosaur art kit. All too fun!

Dotz conducts various workshops every now and then. You may follow her on Facebook for updates! She is one talented Mumpreneur with great ideas and inspirations.

This calligraphy kit is priced at $39. It is the perfect solution to picking up this skill without having to find time for a workshop. To order, you may 
Email Dotz at:

View her beautiful creations and products over Instagram @dottieshop_sg

Have a great time with Art, it's therapeutic!

Disclaimer: No monetary involved. Friendships involve only honest opinions. Thanks Dotz!

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