Wednesday 22 February 2017

The Ant and the Grasshopper [Review]

The Ant and The Grasshopper is an Aesop's fable about a very hardworking Ant and a Grasshopper with nothing much to do all day. In this play by itheatre, there is a Caterpillar who visits time to time, and calmly carried on doing what caterpillars do best.

The Ant would work all day long collecting grains of wheat and storing them in her larder, in preparation for winter ahead. The Grasshopper would laugh and say, "Why do you work so hard, dear Ant? Come, and rest awhile, listen to my song. Summer is here; the days are long and brIght. Why waste the sunshine in labour and toil?" 
In a Chinese saying, we had like to say enjoy the bitterness first, and then sweetness later. It describes what exactly the Ant was up to, working hard for the now just so the later is well prepared.

Photo credit: itheatre

While Summer doesn't last long and winter is soon here, the Ant who has got food stored in its home has got it all prepared for the cold freezing season. The grasshopper who has been singing and relaxing all day long wasn't prepared for the season. When winter arrives, he was left in the cold, freezing and hungry. Watching the Ant warm and comfortably prepared with her stash of food, he knew it was best to prepare for the days of necessity. 

We love the moral and lessons learnt from this play. While the Ant is really hardworking with no rest and the Grasshopper plays with no work, it taught us that the key to life is all about balance. Blending a little of both the Ant and Grasshopper's trait will be ideal. There is a time for everything.

It taught us to heed the advise and warnings of people around us, and not just continue to live in our own World. Often, the most comfortable spot should not be permanent.

photo credit: itheatre

Oh yes, and there was the Caterpillar who was afraid of change. The insects comforted her that nothing stays the same and that change can be a good thing. Along the seasons, she transformed into a beautiful butterfly who loved the change she had become.

The play was bright, fast-paced and interactive with colourful characters and tuneful, catchy songs. We were well entertained not just by the play but the interaction with the insects who would get you off the seat for some exercise. It was also highly humourous and the appearance of the ladybug, ladycoco is most likely to get you into stitches! Everyone loved her.

Photo credit: itheatre

It all ended well on a sweet note. We always say true friends are those whom you see during trials and hard times. We saw how the insects came together to render help with wonderful friendships displayed.

This is a great play with meaningful lessons for take away. Work and leisure will be viewed differently again.

Catch it before it closes on 19 March 2017! And don't forget your photo opportunity with the casts at the end of the show.

The Ant and The Grasshopper is a 50 minutes musical is suitable for THE WHOLE FAMILY – ANYONE 3 years old and above! Get your tickets here!

Ant and The Grasshopper
Date: 18 Feb to 19 March 2017
18 Feb - 10 Mar 2017,  Thu - Fri: 10.30am
14 Mar - 17 Mar 2017, Tue - Fri: 10.30am and 2.00pm
Sat and Sun: 11am and 2.30pm

Venue: SOTA Drama Theatre
1 Zubir Said Drive, Singapore 227968

Disclaimer: We were given tickets for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation involved. All opinions are solely ours. 

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