Wednesday 22 May 2019

22 Stories Multi-room theatre [REVIEW]

22 stories is one unique kind of interactive show and story telling fun of its own. It is a fresh concept of multi-room theatrical experience from ANDSOFORTH Jr. The masterminds behind hit shows such as Tales of Grimmsneyland and Wonderland. This time round, audiences are in for a big treat as they enter a sprawling, 20,000 square foot play area and explore 22 unique, Instagram-worthy experiential rooms.

Spot the ugly duckling

Inside the Cheshire cat

The Four Colourful Worlds of room are:

1. The princess and the neon pea
2. The emperor's new clothes
3. Hansel and Gretel's adventure in the forest
4. The witch's candy house
5. Spot the Ugly Duckling
6. The magic beanstalk climb and slide

7. Down the rabbit  
8. What time is it?
9. Wonderland's Garden
10. Inside the Cheshire cat
11. The Queen of hearts

12. I wish for more wishes
13. Snow white's poison apple
14. Cinderella's carriage
15. Sleeping beauty's resting place
16. Under the sea with the little mermaid

17. Aladdin's lamp
18. The magic carpet
19. Aladdin's thieves market
20. Jasmine's place
21. The Cave of Treasure
22. Alibaba's Discovery

During each session of 4 hours, you will move freely through 22 rooms across the four colourful unique worlds, where you can queue for shows and meet characters. Each room has 11 showtimes, with two 40 minutes interval in between. This will be the best time to load your camera with photos as you explore the rooms, since no shows run during interval. It is also the time when you should get food for your juniors, since the session time overlaps dinner/lunch. Drinks, food and snacks choices such as donuts, chicken wings, fish taco, meatballs and mashed potato are available for purchase on site. Not much to my liking, we ate a little and had a super late dinner elsewhere. If not, fuel up your child before entering.

Whichever works for the little tummies.

Food aside, this is the next best place to spend your other 40 minutes will be the slides at The Magic Beanstalk Climb and slide. Our kids went on it umpteen times! Adults permitted too!

The magic beanstalk climb and slide

Rooms will then be closed about 15 minutes before each show to prepare for turnover. Our visit was all good at a no rush pace. You will definitely be able to cover all shows if you are on time for your session. We were half hour late, and sadly missed two shows. 

22 stories is what you can cover in 2 different weeks. Each week covers only 11 stories. Two sets of characters alternate every week. If your pocket leads you to a bigger budget, it is recommended you attend two sessions, one on an odd week and one on and even week, in order to enjoy the full range of characters available.

Listing them here so you can plan to buy tickets according to your child's favourite characters. 

Odd Week (Orange star on given map):
1. The Queen of Hearts
2. Fairy Godmother Fabrizia
3. The Little Mermaid
4. One of 40 theives
5. Magic, The Carpet Ride*
6. Aladdin
7. Hansel
8. The Royal Card*
9. Genie*
10. Emperor's New Suit
11. Alice*
12. Cinderella
13. Mama Duckling 

Even Week (Green star on given map):
1. Snow White
2. Princess Jasmine Badrouldabour
3. The Royal Card*
4. Genie*
5. Jack and the Beanstalk
6. Magic, The carpet ride*
7. Cheshire Cat
8. The Mad hatter 
9. The Candy Witch
10. Ali Baba
11. Sleeping Beauty
12. Alice *
13. Princess and the Pea

*Characters appear on both weeks.

We had tickets to the Odd week.
Magic, The carpet ride

One of 40 thieves

Each showtime is about 10 minutes. The respective character in each room will tell a short story and give its audience a simple mission to accomplish with much fun and interaction. Prep your kids to play along with the characters, if not, the adults will be tasked to play. So yes, it is suitable for both the young and young at heart. Do explore the place light, because you will need to be ducking and winding through small secret passages to meet characters.

The Little Mermaid

Sea of balls!

The kids had tremendous fun as their favourite childhood stories came to life through meetings and interactive art installations across the various rooms. It is one impressive concept that dared to be different. The set ups, props and costumes were astoundingly beautiful, contrary to what I had imagined it to be sheepishly put up. What delighted and impressed me most, as a parent was that the characters were not only quick witted and expressive, they spoke good English with a captivating story accent. Even their door keepers were very well trained!

It was no wonder all the kids were listening attentively every moment. Even our short attention span toddler followed through, with some aided help on the missions though.

Queen of Hearts


With Hansel


The Emperor's new clothes

It was also pleasant that each showtime contained a small group without feeling cramped up in the room. There was good amount of space for move around and time for interaction. In fact, it would be more awkward being the only family during that show. Good for taking photos with no photo bombers though.

Every room is assuredly a wonderful place for photo! Except that some rooms' lighting was a tad dim or uneven for good photos. 


Down the rabbit hole room

What time is it?

Wonderland's Garden

Oh, don't forget to hang in till the end for a mini march out parade where all the characters will be out for a finale appearance!

So, is it worth travelling all the way down to the wild wild west for this? I will give a resounding "Yes!" I have also put up a video collage of the fun we had, do hop over to our Instagram story/highlight @mumscalling for view. Hopefully, it helps affirm your wavering thought about catching the stories.

Get your tickets now! 22 stories promises plenty of laughs, fun and all-around wonder! It is a land of curiousity in here. A different kind of experience for your little one.

22 Stories 
Date: 1 May to 30 June 2019
Days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 
Time: Friday: 5.30pm - 9.30pm    Weekends: 10am-2pm, 5.30pm - 9.30pm 

PeopleUp @ Pandan  
200 Pandan Gardens, Singapore 609336

Standard: $38 Admits One
Family pack: $140 Admits Four
Nearest MRT: Jurong East MRT
Nearest Carparks: Public Carpark at Ayer Rajah CC OR Opp Pandan Gardens Blk 414

Get tickets here

Disclaimer: Tickets were given for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are as usual, solely ours.

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