Friday 31 May 2019

Playeum - I Opener: Play with senses [GIVEAWAY]

Playeum, Singapore's Children Centre for creativity is up with a new exhibition titled I-Opener: Play with Senses. I-Opener features the aesthetic and sensory play-worlds co-curated and co-created by artists with a disability. It is a play space that invites children aged 1 to 12 to explore their senses through play and the arts.

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While the term exhibit may sound serious and untouchable, Playeum is the total different, it highlights the importance of sight, touch and hearing in a child's discovery of the world and holistic development, that includes aesthetic awareness, artistic engagement and active participation.

If you have been to Playeum, you would have already know its creativity is mission-based and is a non-profit venture that is supported by community and corporate partners. It is a registered charity which brings play into the lives of children who need it most. 


Spaces within the Exhibition
Clement Space
A sensorial interactive space designed, produced and created by Dr Dawn Joy Leong, an autistic artist. In a time in which the world seems increasingly void of calm, her focus on white in her design allows children to explore their senses by feeling, interacting and changing the movable elements. It was amazing how our mood got instantly calm the moment we stepped in here.

Cavan Scope
Cavan Chang is an artist with down syndrome. His creation is an invitation for his audiences to enter his colourful world, and create a multitude of new collages by playing with his artworks. Love the fun idea of dropping the collages into a picturesque art.

Inspired by two dimensional artwork of Sol Pickens, a young boy with autism. He makes his drawings come to life and transform them into three dimensional structures. In this space, children are invited to transfer their own two dimensional works into three-dimensional playscapes.

This is how all of Sol's drawings look like on a piece of paper. It looks impressively designed when the sides are folded up to make up a furnished room space.

2D drawing


Jo Devadason is a poet with down syndrome and the voice behind Poetree, that can be found around the space. From an early age, she developed love for books imaginary play and self-expression. Her poetry and wordplay gives voice to her views and perceptions of the exhibition.

Jo Devadason's poem

We further explored the following technological inventions and play areas created and designed by Din Chan, Imran Mohamad and Dr Esther Joosa: 

The Eye Track Painter
Create colourful collages just by letting your eyes roam. We love how this can be a great activity for patients with cerebral paslsy. It works simply by looking and drawing with eye movements. It truly put the sense of sight to some artful use.

Tyre Light Play Projection
Discover shadows and light, and watch it project onto the high wall. Guess too, which vehicle this gigantic tyre belongs to? An airplane!

Hologram Projector
Experiment and transform your artworks to three dimensional. A space we actually missed out during exploration!

The Colour Cave 
A sensory cave to further explore Cavan's colourful world with various textiles.

Colour Cave

The Nook
A space where creative minds meet, set directions and create mindful collaborations. Simple as it looks, it is actually where our three year old spent most time at. Play is not all about toys.

Creative accessories

Creative play

The Maker Space
A space that will always remain core to Playeum and where children's innate creativity, critical thinking, communication and sensitivity to one's self and others manifests. This is one space the older two kids spent most time at. They created crafts with the extensive range of materials available for use. Creativity is endless in here.

Maker space

While Jare was working with his creation, he had a boo boo incident with the hot glue gun provided. Do be careful with it, but let's not hinder that opportunity of allowing our kids move into the more adventurous zone of self creation. I like the idea though, that glue guns are placed at a higher than toddler level. And to be honest, this is a very self-guided play which may not be toddler friendly in some areas. Stay watchful while your toddler roams.

Playeum is an unstructured playful mix of art and play for the young and old. Our kids really enjoyed their time in there! 

The exhibition is set to run from 1 June 2019 to 26 April 2020.

Open ended play!

Playeum - I-Opener: Play with the Senses
01 June 2019 to 26 April 2020 (Soft launch from 14 - 31 May)

Block 47 Malan Road
#01-23 Gillman Barracks
Singapore 109444
Opening Hours: 
Tuesday - Sunday
10:00am to 6:00pm

FREE parking on Sundays

Nearest MRT (5-10 Minute walk) 
Labrador Park MRT (Circle Line) 

Child (Aged 1 - 12): $22
Accompanying Adult: FREE
Additional Accompanying adult: $10:00

[GIVEAWAY] Heap Thanks to the nice people at Playeum, we get to giveaway 2 pairs of child's ticket to play! A pair on Blog (Facebook) and another pair on Instagram. To participate here, simply:

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3. In the comment section of this Facebook post, tag 3 or more friends whom you think their kids will to love play in Playeum!

Giveaway ends on 07 June, 2359hrs. Best of luck! Do hop over to Instagram @mumscalling to try your luck too!

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