Monday 6 May 2019

Astute Medical Centre - Pigmentation Woes

I can scrimp and save when it comes to shopping, but cave in to skincare. Maybe because beauty does not withstand time. There is vanity in a woman. And I am rather impatient when it comes to removing spots and blemishes on my face, laser treatment will always my first choice over commercial creams. I have no patience to wait on the effect of just using topical application alone. The market has it all, but too slow for me to wait on.

For months, I have been getting my face treated on pigmentation at Astute Medical Centre. Which unfortunately with my inherited genes, I battled with freckles, brown spots and now, melasma. Melasma is a common skin problem that surfaces mostly after child birth. It causes patches of brown spots on the skin. For me, it appears more obviously on the cheeks. And they were disturbing enough to prompt me to act on them. Talk about Motherhood and sacrifices.

A few sessions with Dr Jason Pek at Astute, I am most delighted to have seen improved results from the Qswitch and long pulsed combined laser treatments that were recommended to me. It was assuring to know that Dr Jason had been vastly trained and experienced in the realm of plastic surgery and dermatology in public hospitals before moving to private aesthetics. He is a man of few words, as in not chatty but definitely knowledgeable in sharing what you need to know as well as your concerns. Upon the work of researching on an aesthetician's profile, it takes some chemistry and trust when it comes to the essence of face.

Spots analysis

Long pulsed laser has an important role in the treatment of melasma, as it treats the vascular (blood vessel) component of melasma. By targeting the vessels in addition to the pigment, there is improved clinical results and fewer relapses. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to combine laser treatments with topical preparations and oral antioxidants. Depending on your comfort level, I do not really like oral products. I stuck to just laser and cream.

Q switched Nd:YAG laser is one of the most popular lasers used in the treatment of pigmentation. A beam of high powered laser is directed at skin pigments, where it specifically targets melanin, fragmenting large pigment particles into smaller ones and allowing the body's immune system, to gradually remove the pigment particles.

Feel so embarrass to bare my right face profile skin for show, but this is the after effect of my few sessions. A comparison photo that speaks for itself. 

After 4 sessions of combined laser - Long pulsed and Q switch

The laser energy is not of the same level set on every face. After all, different skin responds differently. Test spots will be done to determine the energy level that is most effective for your face. I had failed test spots, and that took another 2 sessions to find a right level and alternative for me. 

I did not use any anesthetic cream during my treatments, but the sessions were bearable for me. You may opt to use anesthetic cream if you have 20 minutes to spare before treatment. No extra charges. I am often rushing in and out for school runs, sometimes with a toddler along. It is usually a quick time for me in there. Those are the days when I would always bring my after treatment mask home for application, instead of spending another 20 minutes in there. Sunscreen is definitely a must before leaving. Downtime for both long pulsed and Qswitch is almost zero, except for some red itchy spots on my face, which didn't take long to subside.

I was recommended a 10 session treatment, paced at 3 to 4 weeks apart. Sounds many, but it may be good as maintenance too. Together with topical application to complement the treatments, I saw results upon the second session. The results are gradual, with photos taken before every session for comparison.

My tag along son for aesthetic treatment

Astute Medical Centre is assuredly a no frill Aesthetic centre. It is one that shares the same beauty goal as you. I was initially disappointed with the failed test spots done on me. The obvious spots were still hanging around and it felt like this was not working out for me. But the team was really helpful to offer solutions and try different laser wavelengths on me. I will just have to be super patient with stubborn spots I guess.

Looking good is a confidence boost, and this is the limit I would go. No under knife cuts or extreme beauty fixes for me. Perfection can become an obsession. Book your consultation, discuss your beauty goals with Dr Jason and their therapists! Their sign up comes in packages. And I have to be really honest that there is a little of up selling. But of course, they are services and products targeted at your beauty needs. Be clear headed when it comes to discerning your decisions.

Their price list is also available here.

Most important beauty advise of all is to never leave home without your sunscreen! 

[DISCOUNT CODE] Quote MUM'S CALLING to get a 30% discount on treatment upon your first visit. You may call, SMS or Whatsapp 9155 2243 for consultation appointment. Consultation fee is waived upon the sign up of services.

Disclaimer: Laser package was offered to me at a discounted price for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are, as usual, solely mine.

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