Tuesday 1 October 2019

Shopping malls in JB

A continued update on our trip to JB last holiday... totally forgotten about this sitting in my draft.

We visited Komtar and City Square Mall since there are next door neighbors, and a 10 minutes walk from our Double Tree hotel. 

I find these malls very much typical and nothing fancy on apparels or any much cheaper than shopping in local. Same brands at almost the same prices.

There is an Angry Bird activity park in KOMTAR, but we skipped it. We overlooked their fixed weekend sessions timing and turned up at an odd hour of 4pm. Which left us for an hour of play till 5pm, before they closed an hour for the next session to begin. While tickets are valid for the whole day, we had a dinner appointment to attend to. Their Friday to Sunday, PH and school holiday operational sessions timing are:

10am to 1pm
2pm to 5pm and 
6pm to 10pm

City Square Mall JB 

We prefer City Square Mall than Komtar. There were better vibes and seemed more lively here. It was not too long at Komtar before we walked over to City Square Mall. We visited and bought some books from Popular book store, not any cheaper for English books, but Chinese books were definitely competitively priced. Our local membership card can be used here too. Do bring along!

At Popular

Another great place to visit for value would be the arcade. Arcade games and kiddy rides are lowly priced here! You don't really feel the pinch for playing bad at it.

Spot claw machines

Molly Fantasy

And of course, food! If you know how pricey DC Super Heroes cafe is at MBS, you will fall in love with the one here. So much more affordable! We didn't try, so we can't vouch for its taste. As long as it excites the superhero child fan, anything else doesn't matter.

Looking eager to enter



We will have to give this a try if we ever come back!

Instead, we had some drinks and snacks over at 许留山(Hui Lau Shan), which was surprisingly good! The curry platter we ordered was very yummy! A close enough taste to the curry fish balls in Hong Kong.

Tasting dessert sampler

It was more of a gastronomic trip than shopping for us.

R and F Mall

The newest and closest mall to our causeway! It is huge, but retail spaces are not fully taken up. Even though retail occupants were not filled, we spent quite some time within the mall. The shops are a mixed of outdoor and indoor front.

The kids went on an indoor playground adventure at Kiddomo Discovery, my parents did massage and my man did a haircut.

Outdoor shops
We shared about Kiddomo some weeks ago. Glad to have a chance for visit this trip. Here's a quick share of the playground within.

Baby gym for below 3 years old

Cycling fun

Quiet play

Searching for play toys

Love this place for parents and kids to chill out. Lots of seats and power points for the hanging around parents. 

Rest and relax

Netting fun

Game Slide

Show case his singing

Performing station

Power Ride station
It is largely a mix of both digital and structured innovative play land for the today's kids. The place is huge with ample space for the kids to run and explore. It is rather cold in there too. Bring a jacket along for play.

The kids had much within, especially the boys. Jare really liked playing with the digital games, while Juboy enjoyed much with the net structure and toys. Jazz was probably a little too mature for these, but she still had fun expending her energy.

There were tables, benches and a little kitchen for pretend play, but no food or kitchen pots and pans for pretend play. I thought it will be good to add more toys to their shelves for kids who choose to do quiet play. 

There is also a cafe with the premise, so coffee perk for parents and food perk for the tummies. 

Going back to the mall... The Alley bubble tea is found there. And we love that it is a store space with seats within to enjoy your drinks. 

Indoor seating available

We also had lunch at Matang Seafood ( 马登海鲜鱼粥), which was very good! It's prawn seafood porridge was delicious and very much to the liking of our taste buds. It was a delightful treat and surprise find in the mall. 

Prawn porridge

Another delicious discovery we spotted was Potato Cheese. Hailed from Taiwan, and we were glad to have tried it! It was a great tasting combination of cheese and potato with their various flavours. A must try!

Waiting for our order

Potato Cheese
A really yummy treat! I can't find its store unit number on the directory. If memory doesn't fail me, it's on the same level as Snacks Boy (next share). Sharing all shop units at the end of this post.

Last of all, we shopped for lots of tidbits at Snacks Boy. A huge store of snacks variety, with some available in Singapore too. So not all snacks are that cheap after all. We went for their local snacks instead and bought some olden time toys like tamagochi and brick game for play. Always nice to spot some flashbacks. 

Snacks bring on happy faces

Great place to stock up on snacks

And if you want to spend less in here, visit this store after a filled lunch or dinner. Research has proven that groceries or food shopping with a hungry tummy prompts you to put more stuff into your shopping cart. Important tip for note. 

R and F mall is a great mall for food and some shopping. Just that most retail spaces are not up and operating yet.

Address: Tanjung Puteri, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor
Operating hours: 10am to 10pm

Kiddomo: Lot : 1-086b
The Alley: Lot : G-153 -154
Matang Seafood: Lot : G-148 - 149
Snacks Boy: Lot : 2-097 - 100

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