Tuesday 11 August 2020

Fun with DIY terrarium kit - Masons Home Deco [Review]

If you have got that green fingers, but don't exactly have a huge garden space for plants, terrariums are perfect. They are small and enclosed environments for certain plants. Think of it as a mini-greenhouse.

There are two types of terrariums, sealed and open. Sealed terrariums have a removable lid while the open terrarium does not. Over the long weekend, we were glad to have built an open terrarium with Masons home decor's, DIY terrarium kit.

Terrarium DIY kit
We love having greens indoor, and terrariums fit the bill well. It is a contemporary way to liven up the home, and surely a fun project to do with the kids. It is about owning a piece of nature with exotic plants that requires very little maintenance. They are incredibly easy to look after.

We did think terrariums are some easy to build mini gardens, but they are not exactly as easy as it seems. It involves much patience in building one. Loads of gentleness when handling the succulents too! 
Here are the steps to building a terrarium with the DIY kit:
1. Prepare jar: Wash the jar thoroughly to ensure no other pollutants or residue affects the health of the plant.

2.  Add the drainage layer. Since there are no drainage holes in your container, this drainage layer will help by not flooding the plants. Large or small pebbles are good as drainage layer. Build up to about 2 cm in height. 
Filling the bottom layer

3. Add soil. Make a hole/s big enough for the roots of the plants to rest. Ensure that there's plenty of room for the roots to fit and grow. We fitted 4 plants comfortably in the jar.

5. Plant. Take the plants out from the pots and break up any hard soil until you are down to the roots. This is a process that must be gently handled as the plants are really fragile. They break up upon every rough touch. We used succulents and cacti. Dig and make space in the soil for plant, then cover up firmly. It is fine to trim any long roots (root pruning) if needed, they'll grow back. 
Planting in the succulents

6. Add accessories. This must be the kids' favourite part. You may decorate the top layer in any way you love! With figurines, small colourful stones, small toys or whichever you think is appropriate to get on. Along with our kit came some stones and 2 flamingoes. We used these to decorate away.

7. Water. Spray bottles are perfect for watering the plants. However, they do not need much water, unlike outdoor plants. Remove any dead or wilted leaves to maintain a healthy eco-system.

Watering the plants

These were what we planted. I really love how therapeutic it looks, and how versatile it sits in any part of the home. Plants are scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Terrariums are wonderful projects for kids. They teach patience in the process of creation, and it cultivates responsibility in the after process. 
A piece of nature, terrarium
An all prepared and easy to create DIY terrarium kit is available at Masons home decor. It comes with all you need to build a terrarium, including a set of shovel. We think this makes great gift too! Check them out for other interesting home decoration pieces too. 

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