Monday 3 August 2020

Pizza Delivery Singapore - Review

Long weekend always rejuvenates us well. We had friends over for BBQ last Friday, and it's always wonderful to complement food with friends.

Apart from the usual BBQ food prepared, I ordered 2 large pizzas from Pizza Delivery Singapore. Including that of our friends, we had 6 kids, I was sure they welcomed pizza anytime. There's a current promotion of buy 1, free 1 medium or large pizza. And all pizzas are handmade upon ordering, with 1 hour delivery islandwide. It's probably the freshest you can get! 

Hawaiian and Margherita pizzas

There is no minimum order required, but a flat rate of $5.90 will be charged if your order is below $60. Free delivery for orders above $60. Pizza Delivery Singapore's pizza prices range from $9 to $39, depending on flavours and sizes. Pizza sizes are available in:

Small 6′ inches (4 slices)
Medium 9′ inches (6 slices)
Large 12′ inches (8 slices)

There's always something for all party sizes, a great option for your next pizza craving or party hosting.

We ordered the Hawaiian and Margherita pizza which were both great tasting. The smoky taste and soft chewy crust were made special by baking them in a masonry oven, also commonly known as a wood-fired brick oven or a stone oven. It is a baking chamber made of bricks, stone or clay and traditionally fired with wood.

This heat is conducted directly into the food and seals steam produced by water in cooking food. A cooking process and taste that one cannot replicate from home.

Photo credit: Owari Photography
Hawaiian Pizza. Photo Credit: Owari Photography

Margherita Pizza. Photo credit: Owari Photography

You can definitely taste the difference with Pizza Delivery Singapore. They are also listed in Best of Singapore as one of the 13 best food delivery deals in Singapore. Considering we got 2 large pizzas at about $35, I attest that this is definitely an awesome food delivery deal.

Who stole the pizza from the pizza box? Hungry kids!

The only downside was that there wasn't a confirmation email or message upon order. That made me wondered if my order was taken in, and a tad worried if the pizzas will arrive to feed hungry kids. And of course, it didn't mattered as long as it came, and on time! If they are late, you will be offered a $10 discount voucher instantly. So don't be shy to take it on if that rare event occurs.

Another long weekend ahead, what's your food plan? We've got your pizza option covered.

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Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Best in Singapore and Pizza Delivery Singapore. Opinions and unaccredited photos  are solely mine.

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