Monday 24 August 2020

Hair Care Tips for Mums with Yoon Salon

Mums are extremely busy beings with the many hats to juggle. Through the midst of it all, self-care is often neglected after giving family and career a priority in their schedule. Apart from trying to stay fresh and fashionable, it is vital that we do not neglect the crown on our head. Our precious mane. Okay, thick and gorgeous locks are a thing of my past. Hair loss after each pregnancy is what I went through, and am still trying to recover those lost strands even though the youngest child is already four.

For those who are struggling like me, how about some care tips for your crowning glory:

1. Use a Volumising Shampoo

It is an agony to witness your tresses thinning out along the years. Using a volumising shampoo can help give thin and lifeless locks a boost of texture and thickness to appear healthy looking. Maintaining a lustrous look. It may be your solution to flat and thinning woes. 

2. Dry With Caution

Dry your tresses carefully after each wash. Towel dry gently and avoid rubbing it vigorously with the towel. Chances of your strands breaking away and falling apart is high. If you find that you need a blow dry, select the function on the hair dryer that is at the lowest heat setting. Do not overheat your locks, as that can cause it to become extremely dry. Air drying your mane naturally is probably a better option.

3. Use a Wide Tooth Comb or Brush

In the daily rush of managing family and work, it is only natural that our tresses get messily crazy on the run with us. Do you use a wide-tooth comb or brush to tame your mane? A fine-tooth comb is capable of combing strands off its root. Look through your dressing table and ditch those fine-tooth combs. Replace them with a good ball tip comb instead. When it comes to combing, remember not to over brush your hair. Keep the frequency low and brief.

4. Tie Your Hair

I keep my locks usually tied up when home. The little preschooler in our household often gets rough when playing with me. Keeping my strands neatly tucked away potentially prevents your mane from becoming a casualty. When tying, avoid using rubber bands to keep them together. Use a loose clip or scrunchie instead. Don’t stress that scalp by pulling and tying your strands too tightly together. 

5. Eat a Balanced Diet

Diet has an essential role to play when it comes to a beautiful crowning glory. Nourishing your body well equates to keeping your locks in great shape. Take in a balanced diet with plenty of protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids to aid the hair growth process, and prevent any more loss of strands. Salomon, eggs, peanuts and spinach are some good options that fight breakage and loss, and support healthy and shiny tresses.


6. Avoid Washing Daily

This is one that I am still struggling with, even till this day. Our kind of weather is unforgivable, it seems perpetually hot and humid every other day. It is almost intolerable when we skip washing our locks for a day. Reduced frequency in washing helps keep natural oil sebum on the scalp, which keeps our locks moisturised and protects them from becoming brittle and breaking off. Over washing our crowning glory can make it brittle and lifeless. This being said, it is very much to our personal preference on how frequent we would like to cleanse our scalp and strands. Everyone has different hair types, and what suits one may not suit the other. If you have an extremely oily scalp, frequent washing will help. If not, 3 to 4 times a week is good.  

I am still comfortable with daily washes.

7. Consider Short Hair

Having and managing an easy style not only saves time, it also fits our lifestyle more appropriately. This is especially true for Mums with young children in the home. After each pregnancy, I would trim my mane short for easy management. This also prevented my baby from clenching my strands between his fingers, risking further loss.

8. Go for an Easy Hairstyle

I like to always keep my mane rebonded for lazy management. Oops, easy management I meant. It is a style for consideration if you dislike spending too much time on styling. Your locks will always be ready after a wash, and you don’t really need to brush it. Everything falls nicely in place after it’s dried. A great option for the busy mama in you. Be mindful though, not to chemical treat your tresses too often. It can be overly damaging to them. 



9. Give Your Hair a New Life with Yoon Salon

It may be high time for you to visit the salon for a trim or total makeover. I like to think of our hairstyle as an extremely important consideration in determining the overall look of a person. If a cut or style is totally off, no amount of makeup or outfits can rectify it. While you may know your tresses best, getting advice from a professional hairdresser can help you relook at things from different perspectives.

Visit Yoon Salon for professional ideas, tips and advice on what style suits your face shape and lifestyle. Get online to book your first trial at just $28, for all services listed on their website. Your visit will be made a breeze with 3 of their outlets Island wide. Make an appointment, let the stylists know your hair concerns and hear out the suggestions.

There you go, 9 wonderful hair tips for the mama identity in you. Final 10th tip towards the end. Don’t panic over a thinning mane, or brood over dull looking locks. Losing a certain amount of strands daily is very much normal. What needs to fall will fall. Everyone has a different scalp and texture. The great news is that salons are great redemption to any troubles related to your tresses. There will be something perfect for you.

And this completes the 10th tip - don’t be lazy. There are no excuses for being lazy when it comes to looking awesome. It’s true when we say there are no ugly women, but only lazy women who refuse to put in a beauty effort. 


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