Wednesday 28 November 2012

Give Thanks!

It was another long weekend, the thanksgiving week. It's America's national holiday and also a time when families here would come together for a special meal. A time to express thankfulness for what they have. I thought this day should be more widely observed, so everyone can be more thankful for their lives, and be reminded at least once a year.

Two weeks ago, Jazz's school invited us for a simple thanksgiving meal. Turkey was served and it was a great get together. Even the man could slot the meal in between his timetable. Nice!

Thanksgiving lunch

I like the culture that Thanksgiving is observed every year here. It reminds us to be thankful of life and whatever we have. A time to reflect past achievements and be contented.

I'm really thankful for what I am, what I have and where I am. The list of appreciation is never ending, I'm pretty much contented. More shopping will content further. A heart of gratitude allows more of the receiving. Just as everyone was celebrating the joyous occasion, I made a secret pledge to not fret at the kids, for at least the whole of last week. I want to be thankful for having them as my children, I want to be thankful for the opportunity to raise and teach them. And the outcome of my pledge - I failed big time! But, I will try again.

In everything, give thanks! Roads are sometimes bumpy and tunnels never seemed ending, for everything that happens, there's a sure reason and always a learning point. And what comes after Thanksgiving Thursday is Black Friday! Crazy sale everywhere and I went crazy at premium outlets too. Giving thanks for the 'money well spent'.

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