Wednesday 28 November 2012

Hollywood - LA

Over the thanksgiving weekend, we drove down to LA for shopping and Hollywood fun.

Universal Studio
We spent Thanksgiving day at Universal Studio Hollywood. We love our day there. Whatever rides found in USS are also found here, except for the Madagascar and upcoming Sesame street. It's definitely larger with more rides here, but most of them, in fact, all of them couldn't take the kids. They were under height. The shows were good enough for them though. And, I must applaud the existence of their child switch rooms which allowed the man and myself to take turns onto the ride. We switched turn after each other, without having to re-queue.

I love the studio tour very much, it was about 45mins and awesomely good! Other than touring some famous movies and dramas site scenes, the tour included a 3D king kong show which was really impressive. Totally awesome to see the live scenes from screens.
Scooby Doo!

Desperate Housewives: Susan Defilno's house

Disaster scene
We ended our day with the WaterWorld show. As good as the one in USS too. Just that they used actors from the CSI drama and had more props. Amazing effect it created. The kids love this noise-defying show too.

Ending scene

USH is all fun! Both kids didn't nap the whole day till after dinner. Couldn't believe the stored energy they had.

Celebrities house tour
Next day, we took a tour to the beautiful houses at Hollywood and Beverly hills. It was so chilly when the near 2 hours tour entered into sunset. It got so cold riding on the open top truck. The kids fell asleep midst of the tour. While the grown ups continued to admire the beautiful houses built upon. All kinds of structures and designs, so cool! We saw houses belonging to celebrities like Katy Perry, Michael Buble, Jodie Foster etc. And quiz time, guess which celebrity this house belongs to? Answer at caption.

Keanu Reeves' house

Premium Outlets
Contributing myself to the black Friday sale crowd, I've also shopped crazily at Dessert Hills Premium Outlets and Camarillo Premium Outlets. It's endless shopping that I can do in there. Long lines were already formed outside some shops when  I was there at 12 midnight. I queued for one of the shops that was giving 50% + 20% off the entire store. I couldn't resist, I withstood the coldness to queue. This took me an hour, and with some other shopping, we left Dessert Hills Outlets at 5a.m. Shopping kept me so awake. Oh no no, the man and kids were sleeping at a nearby hotel. My cousin who was on the trip with us, came along to shop with me. And happy shopping is when you think the money is all well spent!
Food Adventure
Along the way, from dessert Hills to Camrilo, we did some food hunt. We had lunch at Mrs knott's chicken dinner restaurant. We were there few years ago and I was thrilled to have re-visited it for its delicious and tender chicken. Their biscuit bun has a memorable taste and texture, and not forgetting to eat it with their jam. All so good and satisfying!

Mrs Knott's chicken
Another hunt that our friend recommended was Jinya Ramen bar. Their ramen is really good and tasty. For a moment, it didn't feel like we were in a non-asian country. The kids slurped up the noodles very fast and quick. 

Ramen is comfort

A very good and fun trip we had!

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