Wednesday 14 November 2012

Trip to San Diego

It was the long weekend again, together with our friends, we drove down to San Diego for its ZooSea World and of course the Premium Outlets at Carlsbad, where I lost sanity to 2 pairs of lovely shoes. I did 1/3 of the to driving journey, it was a good drive, except for the slow traffic when we were crossing LA. Jare was surprisingly the better behaved passenger than Jazz. Jazz drove me nuts a few times. The journey was about 10 hours each way.

We visited the zoo on Saturday. It's huge with many species of animals and I'm glad we could view most animals by hopping onto the guided bus tour. The kids had fun viewing the animals and it sure feels good to be touring the zoo in the breezy weather than the hot scorching sun.  
Cotton candy look alike clouds
Two humped camel

Can't remember what animal this is
The animal that attracted the most crowd was the panda. It was heavy human traffic at the panda's habitat. 
The very shy panda
Jaguar and Leopard are differentiated by their spots
Buys for the zoo!
It was good fun at the zoo, but honestly, I think Singapore zoo is much more fun and experiencing. It's also in the top ten list of World's best zoo, some sources have even listed Singapore zoo as number 1. 

On Sunday, we visited Sea World, which I enjoyed it more. I love the shows, especially the one featuring killer whales. Killer whales aren't as threatening as its name sounds, they look kinda awesome to me. I bought a killer whale plush that day. We called it 'Shamu.' As how they named their performing star.   
Awesome flip!
I wish to give it a stroke too

Up close with Stingray
I was at Sea World 4 years ago and there wasn't much fun for little children. This time, there was a little theme park opened for the little ones - Sesame street Bay of Play. There was some kiddy rides and adventurous play for kids of different ages. Water play area was closed due to the very cold weather. Rides within the area are themed to Sesame street and we even took pictures with some Sesame street pals, Elmo, Grover and Telly.

Spinning fun

Elmo and Grover
And what made parenting easy when we are out is the possession of our new twin stroller. Where they sit, snack and sleep in. Finally having mercy on our arms. Road trips are exciting yet torturing when the kids don't take it well. These days when we hop into the car, Jazz would question, "Is it a long or short drive?" Car journey phobia I guess.

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