Saturday 3 November 2012

Whale watching

Went sailing away to watch whales and dolphins last weekend. My first concern upon getting the tickets was whether we could catch them in action, and phew! We did. As we sailed along, we saw sea lions, sea otters and dolphins. Towards the deepest part of the ocean, we finally saw whales! Interesting sight to catch whales in their natural habitat, the ocean. Just a pity that we don't hear them singing their tunes.
Life vests for kids
He was terrified as we sailed along
Tail of the whale

Whale splashing water
We're glad to have caught sights of the whales. Our reward for surviving a 3 hours sail trip. I never knew I would be seasick till that day. I threw up twice during the journey. The ride was so bumpy and it made me puked and nauseous throughout. The kids and man were all good. I just couldn't wait to get offshore while I was in the boat.

After the trip, we had lunch nearby, at the Fisherman's wharf. I never thought about devouring oysters after a nauseous ocean trip, but they were at 99 cents each! I ate four that afternoon. Absolutely good and fresh!

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