Wednesday 7 August 2013

Interesting know - National Flag

Sharing an interesting know, if you didn't realised or know about it. 

The flag orientation on the right body of our SIA plane is actually of the 'wrong' orientation. Few weeks ago, on the Straits Time forum, someone wrote in to effect change on the orientation of flags on our planes. I understand his concern about flying our pride right, but thought this was kind of absurd. If this orientation is truly a human error, what are the chances of it getting wrong, not on just one plane, but all.

Plane that my parents boarded to get home

The placing and direction of the flag is absolutely right. It's all about flag ethics. When you raise and fly a flag, it's only ethical that it flies correctly, in the wind blowing direction. Digest this, visualize our flag flying below the helicopter on National day, one side is of the right and the other 'reverse'. And since the plane is designed to fly with the cockpit front, you see the correct orientation on the left body, and 'reversed' on right. If I'm not wrong, this ethic is practiced on all countries' aircraft and ships, too.

When the aircraft is flying, it will fly as it would on a flagpost in the breeze - with the five stars and moon leading, and the red and white sections following. A national flag should never be seen to be travelling backwards.

National Day is just few days away, and if you happen have our flag as a car decal, you should know the correct orientation on the right body of the car. 

I chanced upon this know and thought it's interesting to share. In case our little ones ask, we can always present ourselves as the know-it-all dad and mum.

Happy National Day, fellow Singaporeans! 

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