Monday 12 August 2013

Yes! Women are Nags

There's a sure, absolute reason why men deemed women as being naggy, and why we are. It's been more than an occasion, my man forgot about the simplest tasks his woman, I, assigned to him. Here's a significant example that really amused me.

Usually, when we get the kids from school, I would pre-cut some fruits or prep some snacks to receive them. It usually is a long interval after snack, before we get them in the evening. On some days, when I couldn't leave home to pick them because of kitchen chores, the man would go without me. I would remind him to bring their filled snack containers along. Each time, with three repeated reminders, hopefully to get at least one registered. Low and behold, on two consecutive occasions, he clean forgot about it. Even though they were placed right before his eyes, and the previous time, just beside his shoes! See how easy I made it for him. Repeated my message thrice, but couldn't get one stored into memory. 
Sliced plums that were left behind
There probably are some historical reasons why women are naggy, perhaps an in-built trait from our fore-mothers. Women are like caretakers, always on the lookout and a cautious reminder for our kids and man. We repeat because we don't allow room for forgetfulness.

In any case, my man is still wonderful, with that tad forgetfulness. The point to highlight is, men should not think women as nags. Your mum, your wife, your friends, your colleagues and the women around you, know you need that useful reminder! All for the good intention. Take heed the wise words and dump selective listening.

Similarly, I admit, my memory fails umpteen times too. I welcome nags.

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