Monday 9 June 2014

District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant

Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to do brunch at District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant, at The Star Vista. Most interestingly, the man and myself are fans of Tapas.

 photo DSC08591_zpseedd5e95.jpg

Sunday is truly a family day! We were delighted that the restaurant dedicated to be family oriented on Sundays, where they set up some space in their outdoor dining area for the little ones to play. They had a bouncy castle and some kids table setup for meals and craft. My excitement was, I didn't need to entertain the kids hard while doing our meals, they were very much self entertained. We are suckers when something entertain the kids, and we eat! 

 photo DSC08592_zpsd1141f31.jpg
Sight of bouncy from afar
A very comprehensive kid's menu and setup they have.

 photo DSC08552_zps22080db4.jpg
Kid's colour and menu

 photo DSC08553_zps741fb65d.jpg
Bouncy fun!
While the kids enjoyed, we took our time to savour our delights. We had the following to our table:

 photo DSC08563_zpsd27be7be.jpg
Sauteed mushrooms with quail egg
I didn't think quail egg would interestingly turned out to be this form. Having it partnered with baguette and mushrooms, it proved to be a good match! In addition, we ordered fried calamari with wasabi mayonnaise, fried anchovies, as well as homemade duck springroll. The portions are good for small sharing, as Tapas suggests. Of our fried orders, we thought the duck springrolls stood out better than the rest. 

 photo DSC08565_zps1b54a8a8.jpg
Platters of fried
The promotion we were in for that weekend was that all tapas and pinchos were $25 ++ for any 5. It seemed to be an always ongoing promotion though.

And we ordered these greeny pancakes from their brunch menu, simply because I was attracted by it's unique combination. They were pandan-coucount pancakes ($9) (with gula melaka). I'm a huge fan of pandan and gula melaka, so I had to try. After which, I must say it's an acquired taste to truly enjoy this dish. A portion like this might be too jerlat for single consumption. Sharing it might be more enjoyable.
 photo DSC08572_zpsd1ba6670.jpg
Pandan-coconut pancake!
And our favourite of all was, Pizza Margherita ($12) off the kid's menu. It was the thin crust pizza, and it won our love for it. We wiped out what the kids couldn't finish! It's available on adult's menu too, of course! 

 photo DSC08570_zpsdd18f451.jpg
Good pizza portion for 2 kids
Towards the end, we rubbed our very filled bellies and lazed around to enjoy the place. It was an overall nice experience at District 10. Ambience was great, the outdoor was weather cool, the kids were extremely entertained and grown ups were happily indulging. We were not in any rush to leave. Finally, some decent conversations the man and I had across the table, without interrupting kids.

 photo DSC08578_zps1dbb8b17.jpg
Table time after several rounds on the bouncy
It was a very great Sunday brunch. Do drop in for a meal! On Sunday, if you have kids in tow.

District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant
1 Vista Exchange Green The Star Vista
#01-42/K3 Singapore 138617
Tel: (65) 6694 2884
Fax: (65) 6694 3994

Disclaimer: We had the opportunity to do a complimentary food review at District 10. All opinions and photos are solely our own. 

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