Sunday 8 June 2014

The kids' first Sleepover!

Last Friday, school was out for Js buddies. Mummy Ang suggested a sleepover, and yes! I gladly obliged  agreed to opening our home for this exciting camp in. And challengingly, their friends are at the adorable ages of 3 to 5 year olds! It was pretty much attention to give on safety, precautions and assistance. 

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Nonetheless, I was all excited about it and planned up a line of activities to make sure it was nothing, but FUN! We warmly welcomed our little friends on Thursday evening.

We talked about some rules. Which helped me keep things in place when the little hearts got too wild. 
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Here's what we did briefly on Thursday evening and the entire Friday: 

9:30pm - The kids personalised their snack (ziplock) bags with markers. I set up a little snack bar for them to pack their snacks into our movie zone.

10pm - Showered the kids

10:30pm - We wactched "Brave"

Midnight - Toothbrushing and storytime

1215am - Lights out! 

And you guessed it, girls were chitty chatty even after lights out.

8:30am - Rise and Shine! Freshen up!

9:00am - Breakfast! 

10:00am - Hand made their chefs hats

10:30am - Made some oatmeal cookies

12:00pm - Lunch time. My pasta with beef and celery wasn't quite a hit.

1:00pm - Girly moments. Painted their little finger and toe nails.

1:15pm - Left them to nap. Checked back an hour later to no success.

2:30pm - I doubt anyone will sleep. Snack time! We called in the pizza.

3:00pm - Did a little craft with photo taken that morning

3:30pm - Story time!

4:00pm - Played games

4:30pm - Girls played dress up and boys, lego

5:00pm - We watched Frozen. 

6:00pm - Porridge for the kids

7:00pm - It was FUN! See you soon!

And since no nap was conquered. All kids zonked out right after the parents pick up. Mine too! That became my earliest evening ever. It was a super heroine day for me, as the man was out of town.

Planning a sleepover wasn't as exhausting as I thought. It's the execution! No doubt, there were some serious work on logistics and meals. Big considerations would be like the designated place for kids to sleep, the easy to prepare meals and the activities that would make memory lasts! All in all, if any plan fails, chill! The kids are ever ready to make up their own play time within. And of course, if you have an older group of kids, Mama has to be out of picture!

I'm thankful for this opportunity to host their sleepover and the teachable moments to talk to Js about hospitality and making their friends feel comfortable. It must have been an event that gave me very good credit score from the kids. I bet I was an angel to them. That relax food rules, bedtime rules and everything that went their way, and not my way.

Thank you Daddies and Mummies for that trust. Your kids had been such wonderful companions to us! Here's a little amateur video done up for keepsake:

And you knew it was good fun when the kids requested for more nights!

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