Saturday 26 July 2014

Activities for the go

Do your kids get ants in their pants whenever out, waiting for meals? Or do they get totally restless when you require patience? Mine do! Instead of turning to our last resort of techy gadgets for peace, we work with little prepared resources, in hope to get their bottoms still. Here are our easy and instant ideas:

1. We bring crayons and papers! I reused a plastic box after emptying a bunch of dental flosses, to house their crayons. Clipped some pieces of quartered cut papers and carry along, for doodles.

 photo DSC09215_zpsd994f556.jpg
Crayons and papers

2. Also for doodling and writing. Notepads and pens! Interesting to see what birthed on the first and grew to the last page.

 photo DSC09212_zps357e7a6e.jpg
Thank you little S.L for that cute little notepad

3.  Small and light weighted books! Jazz loves reading and Jare loves flipping through illustrations. Rotate the titles, so they don't get tiresome of the repeats.

 photo IMG_0444_zps1c802ba4.jpg
Different titles for rotation

4. Small little travel activities which we are much in love with and easy to carry around. We got them in the states, but I guess they can be easily purchased on Amazon, local toy or book stores.

 photo DSC09211_zpse1557e95.jpg
 From Melissa and Doug, and Brain quest

5. And if all else fail, tablets and smart phones always work perfect for mine. Positively, there are plenty of educational apps that you may download for them to point and drag. It's limited time they can engage from starting a game to the arrival of dishes. Pretty much controlled.

I love it when they engage in their own little activity in a restaurant, while I look through the menu almost uninterrupted. So yeap, no more diapers and milk bottles in my bag, but with such little gadgets almost permanently residing in. However, on good days, such stuffs get into the kids' carry out bags, with their own responsibility throughout. It's definitely some weight lifted off mine.

Here are some DIY portable ideas A Pancake Princess does for her boys. Let me know too, if you have ideas on keeping little butts down when eating out or in need of their patience. 

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