Saturday 19 July 2014

Doctor for a day - Parkway East Hospital

Some weeks ago, yeap, I'm turning time back a little, Jazz and her besties, signed up to ambitiously be a "Doctor for a day!" We were glad that it came back! It ran the Orthopaedic edition at Parkway East Hospital this round. Where little participants role played as Orthopaedic doctors, did bone surgery and knee bandages.

In line with their special edition, each child's registration fee of $25 was matched with $300 by the hospital, to sponsor knee replacement surgery for the needy elderly. It was sure great fun for little ones and worthy cause for the elderly!

It was an approximately 90 minutes session with several stations to cover. Little doctors embarked on an educational journey in the different settings-like departments, Operating Theatre, Nursing room, Accident and emergency, General practitioner and Pharmacy. At each room, facilitators would share some medical knowledge and talk about the doctors' scopes. Little doctors got to role play with their fellow doctors, worked with thermometer, stethoscope and operating tools. They learned to handle cuts, wounds and bandage too! 

And Jazz's favourite was also the happiest room of all, the nursing room! Where they got to care for newborns baby dolls, changed diaper, fed and sang them a tune. I'm pretty sure doctors don't do these, it was probably more for parents to decide if they're ready to help out with a new addition.

A group photo was taken with their fellow doctors, and given to them as a lovely memento. They moved into the last room, which was the pharmacy, to collect their dose of medicine goodie bag! At the end of their educational journey, they graduated and were certified as, "Doctor for a day." They are however, now back to their young profession as adorable preschoolers.

You know the verdict when Jazz says, "I want to come back, to be a doctor again!" Que sara sara, whatever will be, will be... I hope you are aspiring to be a genuine one, my darling! 

This event was catered for children between 5 to 12 years old. Parents were not allowed in the rooms, so we were like paparazzi, snapping pictures through the opened door. Jare being 3, was in the man's custody. He had balloon twisting fun at the lobby, where some pre-event activities were held.

It was an overall good experience for the little ones, to affirm their dreams and inspire their thoughts! Not sure when they might run this event again, but seats fill up really fast. You may want to follow their Facebook - PEH for updates. 

While parents ended up doing a short survey about Parkway East hospital, which they were trying to promote itself for more awareness, I was reminded of my wonderful experience with them during my dengue infected stay. Aside from the discomfort of being unwell, my stay was almost like a vacation. Oh no, I'm not saying it was the being away from kids. I was well taken care by the angel nurses, well fed and well entertained (HBO!). I highly recommend this hospital. And nope, I wouldn't want to be back there for any unfortunate reasons. Just sharing an experience.

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