Wednesday 16 July 2014

Interesting finds in the Zoo

We've been to the local Zoo multiple times, and I thought we knew the place pretty well. Recent trip gave us some interesting finds on the attractions and activities.

I don't think we've been away from the zoo for long. Here's what we discovered:

1. We didn't know we could feed the rhineceros! I knew about feeding giraffes, but not the rhinos. This got the kids, and myself really thrilled! I didn't think we could get so safely close to them.

 photo DSC00091_zpse9770d67.jpg
They feed on bananas!
2. The Frozen Tundra is opened! An icy cave built up for our polar bear, Inuka. Whom we found out, he's the World's first polar bear to be birthed in the tropics. How amazing our zoo is! This cave is perfect hide out from the sunny day heat. It's an arctic experience in there.

 photo DSC00066_zpsb0183c70.jpg
Little Eskimos
3. We could make learning out of excursion. Jazz brought a note pad and pen to write the names of all the animals we visited. Next trip, we could bring our drawing pad to sketch some live animals.

 photo DSC00064_zps22c19732.jpg
Practicing her writing
Did you already know about them? Let us know of any other interesting finds in our Zoo. It definitely is a place of endless fun and discoveries. Plan in your next visit!

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