Monday 14 July 2014

Polaroid Kids sunglasses {Review and Giveaway}

Most parents are extremely concern about straining our kids' eyes when they get on books or TV, and not much focus is given to those little eyes when we're out in the sun. In fact, we are often expose to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, whether sunny or cloudy. Our eye structure can be damaged if too much UV ray is absorbed. It's worth some thoughts about taking care of those eyes not just indoor, but outdoor too.

Our family uses the sunglasses whenever we are out in the sun for a prolonged period or during long road trips. Even more true when we were in California, where the sun rays were much more piercing. It kind of cultivated our habit of putting on sunglasses, which was very much a necessity than just an accessory. It was a need to look cool.

We are excited that the kind people from Safilo had sent us 2 pairs of Polaroid sunglasses for little Js. Js chose their preferred design, and are very much in love with their colourful choices.

 photo DSC09204_zps93aa602b.jpg
Lovely pairs of kids' sunglasses
 photo DSC00082_zpsfc27814e.jpg
Checking out each others eyes
 photo DSC00078_zpsf6535062.jpg
Cool kids
At times, Js find sunglasses a little cumbersome for their outdoor play, and they would remove it after some time. They are however convinced, to at least put it on during our car journeys, where they are confined to their car seats with almost no room to avoid the sunny and harmful rays. This is specially true when the sun greets them almost face to face, at different timings of the day. Or depending on the direction our car is moving in, it can be sometimes be difficult to avoid the sun. Drivers get their eyes protected, so should little passengers. Those sunglasses are even more handy when Js doze off in the car. Those shades are saviour to their eyes, giving them comfortable rest from the bright.

 photo IMG_0199_zps57ec089f.jpg
Loving their sunglasses!
Getting a pair of quality sunglasses for our little ones, require some important characteristics to note. Here are some very good reasons why Polaroid sunglasses are the perfect fit for our cool kids:
  • 100% UV protection. Yes, go for 100%
  • Trendy and stylish with contrasting colours.
  • Durability. Jare loves doing spectacle splits, and it withstands his handling.
  • Polarized. Block glare and allow only useful vertical light to reach our eyes
  • Comfortable. No whine or tear, even though they're meant for a little older kids
  • Made with allergy-free materials, with top quality Polaroid polarized lenses.
  • Superior optics give clear and true vision with no shape-shifting side effects. Thereby leads to less eye fatigue. 
  • UltraSight™ lenses are made of several functional elements. The core element is the polarizing light filter. UV light absorbers are bonded to both sides of it. Shock-absorbing layers are then fused to both sides of the UV absorbers, making the lens light, flexible and impact resistant. A scratch-resistant layer on both the outer surfaces completes the lens structure. Perfect! 

Now that I write about it, I do think investing in a good and sturdy pair of sunglasses makes good economic sense in the long run. Especially when you know comfort and durability isn't compromised. Polaroid kids are available at better vision outlets, paris miki outlets and major retail eyewear stores.

A great piece of news is that Safilo is also giving away the following pair of polaroid kids' sunglasses (Retailing $60), for readers of Mum's Calling!

 photo giveawaypolaroid_zps12a2dab5.jpg
Photo credit: Polaroid eyewear

To join in the giveway for this trendy pair of shades, simply follow the steps in Rafflecopter below:
 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: We were given 2 pairs of Polaroid kids sunglasses for review, no monetary compensation was given. All opinions and photos, unless credited, are solely ours. 


  1. They are made with allergy-free materials, with top quality Polaroid polarized lenses.

    Carol Lim Mei Mei

  2. They have 100% UV protection.

    Robert Sim

  3. It is trendy and has 100% UV protection
    Dominique Goh
    dominiquegoh(At) gmail)dot Com.

  4. It has 100% UV protection

  5. I like that they are polarized, allowing only vertical light to enter!
    Lyn Lee (facebook name)
    lilbluebottle (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. They are made with allergy-free materials and 100% uv protected.

  7. 100 %

  8. They have 100% UV protection!
    Celin cheang

  9. We like that Polaroid kids sunglasses are polarised - it blocks glare and allow only useful vertical light to reach our eyes. Kids will really get to see the fishes clearly beneath the waters!

    Wendy Tay

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. 100% uv protection !!
    Evelyn Lim

  11. I like that they are made from durable materials. My daughter has gone through so many pairs of sunglasses already, no thanks to rough handling!

  12. 100% UV protection.

    FB Name: Ace Serene

  13. Polarized! Block glaring is outmost important in for me so I would one a pair of polarized sunny for my son.


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  19. They have 100% UV protection and is stylish too!


  20. Made with Allergy-free material with top quality Polariod polarized lenses

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