Friday 31 October 2014

Scratch art

I received a scratched art love note for my darlings. This time, they taught me how to do it. Jazz learnt it from school and came home excitedly to teach little bro. They gladly did one for me. Sweetness!

You simply need:
  • Small pieces of paper
  • crayons
  • Pencil

Here's how you do it:
1. Colour a small piece of paper in whatever ways and colours you want. Just ensure every area is coloured on. Avoid using black.

 photo 968d7847-dd22-44c6-8f12-24cd8418a066_zps37df66a7.jpg
Kinda blurry pic. Jare did this colouring

2. Use a black crayon to colour all over the initial colouring. Cover it up in total black.

 photo b889e853-3886-4118-8303-e054286bb83f_zps6f03ed08.jpg
Covering with black colour

3. It's ready for scratch. Use a pencil to write and draw whatever the little ones desire.

 photo ef01faaa-060f-4016-bec8-9cc711edf764_zps33619418.jpg
Scratching with pencil

It looks really simple and easy, but colouring the black over could be a little tedious. It seemed to have taken Js some mighty strength to black it out.

 photo e8212d51-37b8-4155-a551-638ad4bc1ba6_zps7fc09b8b.jpg
And I received my love notes!

Looks really beautiful! Those words with that rainbow heart is so therapeutic. I love it when they adventure in their own crafts with simple resources and minimal mess. Even more of an achievement when they did it all on their own. Lovely work, Js!

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