Monday 13 October 2014

Hospital Land

Couple of weeks ago, I signed Jazz and her friend, Nad for Hospital a day, a similar event to Doctor for a day we did previously. This time round, the girls had a taste of the different occupations in the hospital. It's more than just a doctor in a hospital. They tried minutes of being an Anaesthetist, Optometrist, a Pharmacist, Radiologist, Surgeon and Nutritionist. Though this round they were not donned in that cutesy scrub, they were rewarded with pin badges after completing each station. Lovely momentos to bring home.


The whole event was held at the lobby of Mount Elizabeth Novena hospital, which I thought was rather noisy during the time of our session, with a lucky draw session going on concurrently. I could barely hear the facilitators, even though I was quite near. I hoped it wasn't the same for the kids.

The first station they embarked on was being an optometrist, where they learn to determine their master eye and help their friend's identify any eyesight problem with colour and reading charts.

They then trooped off to be minutes of Pharmacist, where they learned to prescribe and dispense the right medication for patients. The pretend tablets were so huge and colourful. They sure know tablets aren't any form of candies after this station.

They then switched roles to become a radiologist and surgeon. In the radiologist section, they learned about medical imaging technologies like the x-ray and PET- MRI scan (Read that it was the first and only machine in Singapore). Little ones take turn to be the patient and radiologist.

Getting more serious was being a surgeon, where they were introduced to the different parts of our seemingly intriguing body. They learned to arrange the different organs like our brain, heart, lungs, stomach and intestine onto the correct parts of our body.

Their last station was introducing an app on the ipad. An app developed by Mount Elizabeth, Doctor for a day can be downloaded for our young aspiring doctors. Yet to explore, but it does sound educational and fun.

After which, their hospital journey ended. I really can't recall where the anaeathetist station was, even though they were awarded a badge. It was probably replaced, removed that day, or I missed it out. 

My favourite stations were the 2 stations open to non-registered public. That's where our less than 4 years old can join in the fun. They learned to be a nutritionist and did some bandaging lesson for first aid.


There was also a bouncy castle on site for the kids. Nice play area to keep our less than 4 years old waiting siblings occupied, but it can get too rowdy when older kids get on.

The girls enjoyed their time, and again, slots were snapped up fast within minutes of event registration launch. I do hope they will be running it again, so stay tune with their updates here (Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital) and here (Parkway East Hospital).

They are fun experiences not to be missed. 

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