Sunday 19 October 2014

Snacks for the go!

What would be your choices of power food to bring along as snacks for our little ones? We have some favourite snacks making frequent appearances in our to go list. Whenever I'm out with the kids, some of my friends would laugh off at the contents in my bag. A mother of 2 toddlers who are diaperless and off milk bottles should be travelling light. Okay, that's just me having some unusual weight over the shoulders. 

I've Activities for the go and adding to the weight, snacks for the go!

1. Easy fruits

 photo 34f3b975-0118-4ec0-adde-b4250212c1e7_zps4490b0e4.jpg
Apples, Bluberries, Grapes and Straberries

Apples, berries and grapes are some of Js favourite fruits. They are convenient and don't have to be sliced for bring out. An easy wash and slight trim off the strawberries, they're all ready to fit into a cooler container or ziplock for go. We know fresh fruits are one of the best stuff we can offer our little ones. It's power packed with vitamin C!

If you are concern about that shiny wax coating that apple skin, organic apples might be a better choice. It's more promising that organic growers don't coat their apples with wax. I'll buy organic apples for to-go snacks, where they would crunch that apple together with its high fibre skin.


 photo 328e0830-9a4a-4cac-bb09-ec279025b36d_zps42fb87fb.jpg
Oh so yummy tomatoes!

I know cherry tomatoes are fruits, but I'm just gonna park it here because I use it more often as a vegetable than a fruit. Like how some people would debate over its breed. Jare has this interesting affair with cherry tomatoes, he loves eating them! These cute little orangey fruit doesn't seem to entice Jazz though. And yes, it's another vitamins rich snack. You go, boy!

It's also said the compounds in tomatoes might offer protection against skin damage caused by ultraviolet light. So yes, I share their snacks too.

Another easy to bring out vegetable would be baby carrots. Js love it. I'll usually buy the smallest pack of baby carrots in the store. It's fresh for eating within 30 days of opening. Carrots contain beta-carotene, a substance that our body converts to vitamin A, an important nutrient for eye health and vision. But we don't need a bunny-like appetite for those good eyes. Remember to spread the carrot days out so we don't risk turning our children into the colour orange.

3. Dried fruits

 photo 9dd47b97-1c49-4ddf-b1cf-5bf5318fa69a_zpsbb54a734.jpg
Dried apricots

Some fruits can yield its best nutrients by the process of drying. Such examples are apricots and prunes. Although the drying process degrades their content of water-soluble and heat-sensitive vitamins, other nutrients become more concentrated. They are excellent sources of fibre, Iron, calcium, anitoxidants and potassium. I've read somewhere that potassium helps prevent the forming of moles on our skin. Not sure if that's a fact or myth though. Dried apricots and prunes are really easy for bring out, and they could easily survive the heat and foot steps of our long day out. So are the next few favourites.

4. Nuts

 photo 59261010-e375-4ea1-92c8-44c045237938_zps458592a1.jpg
Nutty affair

I like to pack a mix of almonds, cashews and peanuts for bring out. Js have varying taste preferences. They both loves peanuts. Jazz loves almonds and Jare loves cashew. That explains our mix of nutty affair.

Nuts are powerful brain food. Perfect companions for our schooling and learning little ones. These tiny little nuts contain a lot of goodness and essential nutrients. Albeit high in fats and calories, I don't think it's a bugging concern in kids, who are usually high in metabolism. Almonds are also high in calcium, which makes it a good option for those little growing bones. And of course, eat nuts as they are. Not fried, not sugar coated, not chocolate coated or fancifully coated. We love it nakedly baked.

5. Small packed snacks

 photo 169c810a-844b-4bb9-b56b-55db4f9385dd_zpsb2170eb7.jpg
Sachets to go!

When I'm in a very rushed mode, it's always a saviour to have pouched snacks in our pantry. And here's what we were recently introduced to, Kiwigarden dried apple slices and yoghurt drops. It's highly attractive to parents because there is no sugar added. Yeap, No.Sugar.Added. I am usually attracted to kids' snacks that states no preservatives, no artificial colouring or flavouring, no sugar or low in sugar. Being packed in small convenient pouches usually increase my chances of buying it. So yes, I love individually packed small pouches.

I did a quick read into the yoghurt drops' ingredients. Found it to be containing lesser ingredients than some other brands of similar products. One of my philosophy in selecting food off the shelf is to study its ingredients carefully (That's what Motherhood did to me). Comparing similar choices here and there, my final choice would be the one that has less ingredients added during its process to the end product. Less is truly more.

 photo dd433880-89b5-4903-9b87-efefa987514d_zpseaa2727c.jpg
Ingredients for dried apple and yoghurt drops

The kind people from foodpath sent us these healthy kiwigarden snacks, and we fell in love with them instantly. They have also included some Mother Earth's snacks for the purpose of our feedback, which are a little towards the sweetened side. It's some alternatives if you're looking into more tummy filled snacks for delayed meals or even to substitute a meal. The man grabs a granola bar for go on his rushed mornings.

 photo 9ffc9458-39bf-451b-853f-7605b3d2cd92_zps14a5fb17.jpg
Some samples from Mother Earth's range

Mother Earth snacks are sold through supermarkets like Cold storage, Jasons, Market Place and Fairprice finest. Kiwigarden products are not available in supermarkets yet, but you may get them online at foodpath .

It's not too long that I can hover over everything Js eat. If I'm still able, while I still can, I'll introduce and offer the better alternatives to them. I look forward to every opportunity in being kind to their teeth and body. Most times, the trick is to avoid leaving 'undesirable' food before their eyes. Replace them with the healthy favourites that they can reach freely.

There are plenty of chances to indulge in those sugary sweety moments. Think parties, grandies, uncles and aunties who love bribing pampering them this way. After all, there's always that childhood and desires in them. Just don't get caught, oops!

What would be your child's favourite healthy snacks? Let me know by leaving a comment. Would be happy to hear from you.

While I was planning to draft this post, I asked if foodpath would like to spread the goodness and wellness of healthy food to a lucky reader of Mum's calling. And Yes! They are giving a hamper of good and nutritious snacks worth $80. I am just so excited to be sharing this good news with everyone.

It's looking something like this:

 photo hamper_zpsedc21ad8.jpg
Photo credit: food path

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Disclosure: We were given some snack samples for the purpose of reviewing. All opinions and pictures, unless credited are solely ours. 

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