Thursday 16 October 2014

Paint Brushes on strike

Our paint brushes decided to go on a strike. Js worked with the really basic resource, their tiny hands! They went free flow painting, and kept asking for more papers.

 photo c268fc4b-877d-4aa3-8105-e08aa6175a37_zps3c868e34.jpg
Painting with hands
 photo 0d2976a6-c924-4654-a546-3e6c8bbb46b3_zps509d13a0.jpg
Finger painting

Then Jazz asked to paint with her feet. Of course, the quick Motherly instinct in me said, "No!" Then I retreated a little and thought, why not? No harm, no cost and no penalty for using those feet. I gave the go, and they went stamping happily.

 photo b4d43c27-031d-4279-983f-971078b70ee5_zps9d95f9d5.jpg
"How has you feet grown?!!"
 photo b5ccc3bf-79ac-4afe-b658-9d192b60ae93_zpsa1feca32.jpg
He used both feet!

I realized, it really wasn't too difficult to agree on feet painting. As little as they still are, I could easily carry them into the bathroom for a wash. How nice to take steps back and take thoughts slow in considering their desires. While the little and petite things last.

 photo b6bc3559-e7b0-461e-9a65-ed0b589aa2f4_zps7826206b.jpg
Their creations!

Looking at their creations, these hands and feet have grown so much. I always struggle emotionally when I put away an old pair of shoes they no longer fit. Treasuring the now, I had better do more hand in hand walks before they decide to go that independent path.

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