Thursday 26 February 2015

Birthday party planning

And so we found a place to party, I needn't worry about food and entertainment. I just needed to focus on the other fun characters to make up the oomph!

We did our own pinata! I contemplated and decided we should never pay for a pinata, unless that's a quick solution for the lack of time. The fate of a pinata is fairly short and rather tragic, especially the ones that we brutally whack open with a stick. Since it doesn't last and what mattered more was the fillings, I anyhow-ly made our own pull string pinata. Tender age, tender game. No whacking this time.

Together with my man, we figured this out:
1. Take a rectangular box. Any small size box you think is of good fit for a pinata.
2. Wrap its bareness with wrapping tissues. We used white as we've plenty of it.
3. You may create some texture/design by cutting patterns on the wrapping tissues. I cut strips and pasted it all around the box. Normal glue is good enough.
4. You could punch in 2 holes at the top of the box for holding purpose. We forgot this step, and did it only at the last.
 photo 64f09e4a-4b1a-473f-a844-7de2e49aa6f4_zpszyd1imcp.jpg
Looking better than the raw box now

5. Cut a square opening at the bottom, with one side still attached to the box. Opening size depends on your fillers.
6. Punch a string through the flap, somewhere nearer to the easy opening side. Loop it round, as shown in bottom left picture. Secure it! That's the winning string.
7. Next, we'll just need to put in the strings of false hope. We simply used tape to secure and was rather gentle in transporting it. Number of false pull strings depends on the number of kids playing (Got these strings from Diaso).
8. Conceal (Bottom right picture)! Just so no little cheekies would peep under for any clues.

 photo db47ac9e-56da-4337-b883-52fa1760d36f_zpsmosuddxd.jpg
Looking good

9. The exciting part now - Put in the fillers! A bunch of our favourite snacks were threw in with some party clappers too.

 photo ddd9b217-5273-4a14-be4c-cad7bec928fb_zpswil0u4ti.jpg
Good for play!

10. Decorate and paste on some printouts of the party theme. It's ready for play!

There are two ways to play this DIY pinata. One, each kid may take a turn by pulling one string at a time. Two, each kid holds onto a string and all kids pull at the count of 3! The latter ensures every child gets a chance. 

So yeap, that's our simple DIY pinata. However, I need to confess that it wasn't as successful because the goodies weight dangling from the holding string proved it too heavy for it to bear. Delicious yummies comes with weight, I guess. It gave way and the box fell part from the holding string when the kids pulled. Nonetheless, the game hosts were quick to redeem our pinata by quickly picking the box and pouring out the fillers! It excited the kids still. I love pinata for the expressions we'll exchange to see on the kids' faces. Too cute!

 photo f58c96b6-6a92-42a6-a4c9-ac393f8a860d_zpstxbtlgvi.jpg
All set!

Pinata aren't selling cheap locally. If you have time, it is sure easy to DIY one. Just ensure that the goals of opening it up and exciting the kids are met. There isn't much effort of excellence in the crafting of it because it's of rough handling anyway. 

As part of the excitement factor, we also brought in a balloonist and an airbrush artist. Balloon sculpturing is always an all time favourite among the kids! Airbrush artist was another wow factor to the party. Think cute temporary tattoos.

Jasmin from sgballoons has got amazing twisting skills. You name it, she sculpts it! Did you see Elsa?!! That melted the hearts of many sweeties. She also asked our birthday boy if he would love a dinosaur balloon, as to the theme. Jare took on the offer and was soooo pleased with his airy and chubby dinosaur! She's very good with children and does very beautiful balloon arches too! I wished we had one.

 photo collage5_zpstxni8itp.jpg
Lovely creations!

To add onto the party atmosphere, we had Nicole from Sgairbrush services. She did tattoos for the little kids that day, and I did one too. It lasted for some days on my arm. There were a good variety of stencils ranging from heroes to princesses! She was extremely patient and good with the kids while they excitedly chose their favourite characters to get it painlessly tattooed on. Parental approved too!

 photo c2102cb3-9cd9-482a-b79a-3c8fbab2389c_zpsure2gxql.jpg
Batman tattoo!

Lastly, not to forget about preparing a goodbye prop and thankful gesture for our little friends who took time to stomp by the party for celebration. A goodie bag! It was with much thoughts that I decided to plant in a little indoor plant with a dinosaur figurine. Somehow dinosaurs always give me a forestry feel, and that's how the idea came about.

 photo 385e67be-686a-4f06-9e09-5e7fb8cad3dd_zpsr8jbadyj.jpg
For the little green fingers!

I do hope they are well taken care of by those sprouting green fingers. In anticipation that the plant might not excite some kids, I've included some snacks and little toys in the goodie bags. It should make all kids happy this way.

 photo 7c9e0b4e-109e-45a1-a512-bf6c08420e84_zps1iszbr22.jpg
Thank you for coming by, friends!

We gotten these plants and potting mix soil from one of the nurseries along Thomson. Didn't take note of its name, but was the first nursery from where you drive in. I uprooted and planted the big bunches into smaller plastic pots and topped off with a dinosaur figurine. All looked too pleasing. Small pots and dinosaurs are bought from Oriental trading, my favourite source for party supplies from an overseas website.

Indoor plants are not just good for those little eyes, they are also easy to maintain with minimal water and some dose of fluorescent light or sunlight. These indoor plants called, Fittonia are perfect for little caretakers.

So yeap, that's our fun and not too exhaustive planning behind the scene.

Balloonist and airbrush artist were kindly sponsored and we are very thankful for their time and services in making this party extremely memorable. Thank you, ladies!

Balloonist - Twist entertainment
Instagram: @twistentertainment
Contact:  97238707
Airbrush artist - Sg Airbrush Services
View her works at Instagram: #sgairbrushservices
Contact: 81830477

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