Friday 13 February 2015

Valentines tribute to my kids

And so love is smoking up in the air. While valentines day creeps in tomorrow, my better half and me have got nothing under our sleeves. As usual, we are not in the league of lavish gifts or costly ripped off meals. The union in us had blossomed into foursome. Valentines day is everyday, and that special day tomorrow is also a day with our littlest. Here's my love tribute to the kids!

To you, Jazz
Sensibility: You have grown and shown us that you comprehend things better than before. You have learnt to take 'No' for an answer and you understand the rationale behind our decisions. Most times.
Teach: You step in to teach and guide your little brother when I get exasperated with him. I love the moments when you ask him to question you anything he has on his mind. You have very witty and sometimes, interesting replies.
Assurance: You always assure me that you love me. It didn't matter that I had been hard on you or that I lost my sanity on you. You never look back to recount the bad. You hug and kiss our bad moments away.
Enthusiasm: Your enthusiasm and excitement in the smallest things spur me up. You show me that little things can be fun and exciting. I love the spirit of your child likeness.
Love notes: You write us love notes and sometimes with accompanied drawings. Please keep this going!

 photo a749f435-5e43-4a8e-b6b4-8c5f26072026_zpsvwkraaxb.jpg
Love is in Family

To you, Jare
Silliness: It's funny how we laugh along with the silly things you do. Your unique head dance never fails to make us laugh. It's really entertaining.
Promptness: I love the prompt initiative you take to apologize with that hug, when you quickly discovered you have done something wrong. But remember, let us simmer first.
Cuddly: When I come by to kiss you in the morning, you would open those still half asleep eyes paired with a cheeky smile, grab onto my arm and say, "Sleep with me, Mummy" You are really nice to cuddle!
Cheerfulness: I must have been always elated when you were in my womb. You laugh over every little thing and you rarely grump. Love that contagious cheer you carry around.
Bold: You are bravely bold! With your bare hands, you would smack any insect in your way. Yet,the one that I detest, cockroach, you call it your friend?!! Amuse and impress!

Js don't read my blog, obviously. Jazz knows its existence but she doesn't know what's going on in here. So I've sealed my kisses and love in letters, and hand mailed them into the mailbox. We don't really need stamps right?  

 photo IMG_4377_zps4en5egds.jpg
My love note to Js

Happy valentines day! I love this day for an extra reason to mail them love letters. Dear kids, my love is always there for you, everyday and any moment. Same to you, my man. Yes, I've tribute 3 Favourite things to the man too. Mummy Angie had collage a wonderful tribute of the wifeys to their hubbies! Over at Life's Tiny Miracles.

This is a page where you will want to nudge your hub, and go.... aww... wow, see her husband does this and that. Well.. ok, beauty and perfection lie in the eyes of the beholder. Contentment is the journey to that multitude of love.

Have a blasting weekend filled with extra love!

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