Friday 27 February 2015

The Entertainer at Lime Deli

The mention of The Entertainer app had been buzzing around my ears recently. Friends and families were discussing and raving about it. I'm usually the last in the race to hop onto the newest or hippest stuff in town. Stay home Mums are rather different.

This apps had enlightened me and I'm convinced of its formidable power on dollar savings for any food adventurer. Even if you're not, you will get embarked.... soon! Reason being, one or two usages of the redemption would have breakeven the cost (Now: $60. Usual price: $75). It's also the best time to venture into restaurants you rarely walk into. 80% of redemption is on food. The rest goes to leisure, lifestyle and travel. Even more well worth if you use it frequently.

The Entertainer offers more than 800, buy one get one free offers for our local restaurants, bars, informal dining, spas, activities, attractions and more. There's also travel offers which features over 250 free night offers at leading hotels across Asia and beyond. Great for any travel lovers! 

All you need to do is simply download The Entertainer apps, make payment and you'll get access to the extensive restaurants listed in there. It's easy and friendly to navigate. These paperless 'vouchers' are stored conveniently in the apps, all you need to bring for dine out is your phone. I love how technology has shaped us to travel light and bid farewell to my often neglected paper coupons.

Just this night, we had a wonderful feast at Lime Deli, one of the restaurants found in the apps' list. So here's an example of how The Entertainer works. You may search for a list of restaurants within the vicinity you're in and tap in the one you decide to set foot in. Redeem it with your self created pin, hand your apps to the merchant staff to key in another set of pin at their end. Redeem and make payment. It's all easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

 photo 698d27b9-b23f-4c85-9fde-852083bd6762_zpsjushhzm1.png
Tap in your choice

You would have probably realized each merchant allows only up to 3 redemption. After which, it's a good hint to explore some other merchants. You can also tell that the best time to get the apps is none other than now! That's because all redemption expires on 31 Dec 15.

Here's what you'll see after tapping in:

 photo IMG_4729_zpsrnmobpgv.png
Tap redeem!

Merchant dependent, some has got 1 for 1 for mains and some are 1 for 1 for buffets. There are also some other leisure attractions like Adventure cove, Dolphin Island and even play gyms for our little ones. Mostly at 1 for 1 purchase.

On the merchants listed, it's definitely no nonsense. At least for the one we tried today. It was our first time stepping foot into Lime Deli and it got us all spiced up with its Caribbean food. We set foot in Jamaica once, and somehow the food was kind of familiar tasting, which in my opinion is very much skewed towards Indian cuisine. It was kind of dejavu when we tasted it today. Much catered to local liking, fusion, exqusite and extremely flavourful. We were very well hosted with the delicacies and here are some dishes to tantalize your taste bud. 

 photo 4ee829f0-2f8f-4939-9f3e-995e166a80e8_zpsx7id8qsk.jpg
Caribbean delicacies!

Not in picture, we have 2 favourites from today's dishes. Goat curry and chicken curry! Thumbs up from both my man and myself. All sooo good! 

There are also 2 things I need to cue you on, when you step into Lime Deli. One, try their rum punch though you might get tipsy from that tinge of alcohol. 

 photo a22bc561-7604-4555-b7f8-4e4a3e4fd0ca_zpsie3hc4j9.jpg
Rum punch

Two, try their Caribbean hot pepper sauce. You might burn, but it's worth that experience!

 photo 32941f18-c98c-4450-b491-e3738e9627f0_zpspelzqq1e.jpg
Firery sauce!

After this exotic meal, I felt like I've just caved out from my comfort food zone. There's so much more to food! This is definitely a different genre of food and taste. Get your apps and have a go!

We would definitely be exploring more merchants listed on the apps. Will share our fun and experience over at Instagram. If you've not been following, we're @mumscalling. 

You may also find out more on the apps and other merchants at If you got tempted, shaken and blown off, download The Entertainer now. Key in discount code, 2015ALVIN for a 10% off the purchase price till 28 Feb 15. Few more days to enjoy that whopping deal of $54. Have fun!

This might be helpful in your purchasing decision too. A list of local's  featured merchants.

Lime Deli
Address: 51 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 048441
Opening hours: 8am to 9pm
Phone: 62227751

Disclaimer: We were invited to a tasting session at Lime Deli, and given The Entertainer app for the purpose of this review. All opinions and photos are solely ours. 

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