Monday 23 March 2015

A legend

I thought it was time for the Monday morning routine,
I woke up strangely, but not yet
I went back to bed.
I probably know by now, why that jerk from sleep.

I drove my kids to school,
It seemed like an unusual morning drive.
Perhaps, because of a different sound from the radio.
It was radio silence. 
A respect and mourn for a noble man.
I was teary, but I knew you've led a glorious life.

A mind of yours is not an easy come by, 
and you were called to be this one history maker.
You had foresight and hindsight,
but we knew, you too, ain't perfect.
You never wanted a decision to hurt your country mates.  
 A founding father indeed. 

A better place and future was your vision.
While we shouldn't be complacent, 
It seemed we're almost there. 
You may rest in peace.

We hold on dear to those you've built and solidified, 
We're blessed to reap the fruits of your labour. 
You first gave us stability, just so we could build a family in peace.

In years and generations to come, your story will be told.
Courage, leadership and perseverance,
You will always be remembered.

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