Thursday 19 March 2015

Media literacy - Let's be kind!

Have you recently watched an interesting commercial on the TV that promotes media literacy, about how negative comments can pull one down and affect the mood of a person? It was a commercial about a happy lady holding onto a huge heart, and it started to shrink as she met negative comments along her travel journey. So yeap, let's guard everyone's heart by sharing on the Internet wisely. Create a better Internet together for better media literacy.

In midst of going through a tough time with our respectable forefather, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, I am dishearten to see and read about hoaxes and negative comments some people blatantly made. What profit do they gain from this? I'm even more curious about what they are angry at. I count my blessings to be under his leadership.

I'm glad to see on my Facebook feeds, the positive voices of our citizens. Lets dump out the negatives and uplift the mood with positives. I've asked my Facebook friends if I could share their kind and encouraging thoughts on my blog and they agreed instantly. Thank you! And here goes:

"it saddens me to see this... and the nasty comments that follows made it worse.
we are where we are today because of the leadership. I wouldn't say it's always good - no policies in the world is perfect because there's always 2-sides to a coin.
he and his party had been doing a good job to keep, well, the nation moving forward. and because of that, our words hold some weight globally.
to the haters, it's all politics. he may be ruthless in his methods but don't make him sound that bad. I'm sure you will do the same if you were him back in the days. trust me... you are not that noble."
Eric Lim

"Its saddening to see many people writing unpleasantary stuff about legend off without getting any official news or.I have seen him in many of the grassroots events and by far he is one man who i can define - visionary with class.By right,he is the real messiah in why we are living through the good jubilee years of Singapore.He is the Mr SG50.Even though,Singapore is a very expensive country to live in but its because of your vision and ambitions sir,we are all proud to call ourselves Singaporean.Thank You."
Naresh Jaiswal 

"LKY. An amazing man, super privileged to be alive during his lifetime. Hope good health be restored to him and that he be around to be a part of our Jubilee celebration"
Delia Bay 

"LKY. People with nothing nice to say ought to just keep their mouths shut. The old man is about to pass on. The last thing his family needs is nasty words from the public.
Yes you may hate him for his harsh ways of leading. Yes you may hate him for many other reasons. However, look around you. If not for him and his team, would Singapore be where we are now? Yes it may have gone beyond highly developing to being painfully expensive but you can't deny that he has his contributions to Singapore.
Keep your harsh words to yourself."
Cynthia Lim (The Baking Biatch)

"Prayers for the man who I used to complain so much about, and then realized I had taken my country for granted, after being away for long.
And who he is for me now, is an inpiring, dedicated person, committed to his country.
You know when you start having haters, you have definitely made a difference in most people's lives.
Yes, I am a minority, and it may occur for my community that he is to be blamed that we are so-called 'second class'.
But I invite you, for one second, to be the cause of your own lives. and even if the conspiracy theory is true, so what? You can choose to be a victim, or a victor. Its your life, you CAN have anything you want.
I want to remember him as the person who generously created a safe and thriving space for me when I was growing up.
Thank you, SM Lee."

Shahila Brandt 

"So much has been said about his leadership, his pioneering spirit, his courage to tackle the hard issues, and I am so very glad for that. It gives people in my generation and after us a greater appreciation of the man who brought Singapore to be where it is today.
I can't help but think of my grandma, and countless others in our oldest generation, who have grown up under his leadership, and now wait with heavy hearts. I can't help but wonder how his children feel, caught as they are in the limelight amidst such family sorrow. I can't help but wonder about the struggles left unsaid and misunderstood.
"Each heart knows its own bitterness,
and no one else can share its joy." - Proverbs 14:10
Praying for you, dear MM Lee."
Dorothea Xu (A pancake princess)

"Along with the rest of the nation, we are heavy-hearted and saying a prayer for the founding father of our nation and his family. Our humble nation will not be where we are if not for your foresight and perseverance to prove the naysayers wrong. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you."
Susann Koh (A juggling Mum)

I stand and share the same voices of my friends. Thank you ordinary people, for making a better Internet in your own way! Let's all learn to be smart and kind online as we await and pray. I too, say my heartfelt thanks to Mr Lee Kuan Yew for bringing our nation this far. Small as we are, there's much power within. It's not who we are without you. I will raise my kids to be a generation of grateful and thankful people.

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