Monday 16 March 2015

Meet My little ponies, and live ones too!

It's the start of the school holiday week!

Here's a fun filled idea of where to bring your kids this week, City Square Mall to meet My Little Pony 'Live' on stage! It isn't exactly a girl's thing because everyone gets to meet live ponies. Yes, lives ones are brought in too.

 photo c2923f5d-6c12-4ff0-b071-9b395e721d22_zpsbhcquiin.jpg
Brought her little pony toy along too!

I do recall My Little Pony was something of my childhood, but I've clean forgotten the characters. Some refresher would be good before making your way down. Let me help with our picture taken, from left to right we have Applejack in orange, Twilight Sparkle in purple, Pinkie Pie in pink and Rainbow Dash in blue. We can impress our kids!

Plan in your fun and picture moment with these colourful ponies as they bring you through a series of song and dance on stage. With a minimum spending of $50 at City Square Mall, shoppers can redeem an exclusive pass for the meet and greet session one hour prior the show. Maximum of 3 combined receipts per day. Happy Shopping!

The excitement does not end just there, not till you've met the live ponies. For a package price of $15, you'll be able to go on a pony ride, feed the ponies and take a photo with them! And because it's outdoor, trotting towards these ponies might be better in the evening. Be sure not to miss this up close opportunity though.

 photo 7b76052a-5ad6-41ea-bde5-f54c512a5ef2_zpsdyfolfkk.jpg
Pony feeding

 photo f6a49db3-a886-4102-8d88-f085219ad040_zpsavtbzkmj.jpg
Pony riding
Love how majestic and well kept these ponies looked. There were about 4 or 5 ponies stationed at different points for duties. I got a tad concern about the ponies stationed to eat, picture and trot all day long. I queried and was told that the ponies were rotated around for duties. Not too bad on the welfare, I thought.

It was sure a fun and exciting experience for us. Get your camera down and perk up this holiday with ponies galore!

Meet and greet sessions
Date: 14 to 22 march
Time: 2pm and 7pm on (Mon to Fri), 1pm, 4pm and 7pm (Sat and Sun)
Venue: Level 1, Atrium

Interaction with live ponies
Date: 14 to 22 March, 28 to 29 March, 4 to 5 April and 11 to 12 April
Time: 1pm to 8pm
Venue: Level 1 City Green

Disclaimer: We were given an opportunity to meet and greet 'My Little Pony' as well as with the live ponies for the purpose of this review. All opinions and photos are solely ours. 

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