Friday 6 March 2015

Mothers should celebrate birthdays!

What should Mothers do on their birthdays?!! Take a well deserved break from the routine! Get the man to go on a date with you, or go on a pampering treat solo or with besties.

All my years in the corporate world, I was never convinced about taking a day off from work. Just so I can preserve leaves for other well worth events. Now that I have kids, I realised the importance of loving, refreshing and recharging myself, just so I have the positivity to charge ahead. Mothers work really hard on any other days. A pampering treat will be really rewarding.

On the birthdays I had during my SAHM days, I refused to do any house chores or cook. Which I thought was pampering enough. The best treat was that break from house and kids' routine. That's also the gift I asked for, from the man. 

I celebrated my 22nd (by faith) birthday this week. I didn't receive any lavish gifts or meals, did no spa or relaxation. A nice watch the man gifted though. In fact, I didn't really start the day well because the man had gone to work and my hope of him spending a day with me was diminished when I saw him leaving for work. Nope, I didn't express my desire explicitly as I didn't want to get in the way of his job. Nonetheless, I arranged lunch with a good friend, which I was so thankful for non-working friends on birthday! 

We had a really simple lunch, and while midway to it, the man appeared to hijack our meal. What in the world?!! It was a pleasant surprise though. So there, a simple lunch and tea with lovely people made my day well. After which, on this very rare occasion, we did some slight shopping before heading off to get the kids.

A simple day was made different because we could get the kids together from school!

 photo 64aae9d7-baa6-4f51-8ec5-b7a0859af9d3_zpscbbwu7en.jpg
Signing out from school!

And have dinner out with the man and kids on a weekday. Which we usually don't. Nice kitchen break for me!
 photo ca0e46d2-088c-43ea-8d96-07181c8e6d5a_zps3woyugpj.jpg
Dining out!

So there, birthdays aren't exactly just an age up or an ordinary day, it's a day or a reason to pamper and get refreshed in whatever ways you would love to. Even if it's just out for dinner with a break from the kitchen. I'm quite of a Mum in a cave on any other days. Birthday is definitely a reason for me to do some things unusual from the other days, just to feel like a queen.

And we know cakes and candles aren't exactly friendly for waist and counting that age. We know it's for us to make the kids happy!

 photo c438c7b6-07af-4856-a49e-e0c76f20ecd7_zpsabs0y2wy.jpg
His lunar birthday and my birthday just a day apart

Everyone has a birthday, I've learnt that it's not just another ordinary day. Make it well, the happy way you like it!

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