Friday 3 April 2015

A letter to my 6 year old

Hey Darling, 

You've turned wonderfully 6! You're growing, almost and so quickly to the fine young lady I had imagined you to be. Most memorably on this sixth, I know you had a blast.

I baked some cuppies for your celebration in school and you were extremely delighted to have me coming in to party with your teachers and classmates. It wasn't an exuberant, extremely tasty or creatively designed cake. It was simply homemade and that got you overjoyed. After which, you distributed goodie bags before calling it her day at school. As we walked out, you said that was your best day ever. You taught me simple joy.

It was also a day I spent exclusively with you. Not one I did with your little brother on his birthday and not even a school celebration for him. We do owe him one. You had the privilege of half day school before we retreated together to Universal Studio for theme park fun. Hot and searing the weather may be, we were glad that it wasn't rain we were battling with. That became a secret between you and me. Jare didn't know what went under our sleeves till we presented him a little souvenir from our trip that evening. Daddy wished to be there, but he had to be at work. We agreed that he will make it up to little brother.

I was very much looking forward to bring you out, just us. While you have a younger sibling, favoritism isn't something we struggle with. Just that most days, Jare is like a natural magnet to me, and you, a natural magnet to your Daddy. Many occasions, I was hindered to get quality time with you when Jare was around. Birthday is definitely one good reason to magnify my attention for you.

We went on rides, did shows, took pictures and walked happily hand in hand. It's always more manageable bringing only one out. We enjoyed time together like a friend, more than a parent and child. It was awesome quality time!

A celebration in school, half day at the theme park, a dinner with your favourite Da Jiu and an evening surprise by your friend who came by with cuppies to sing you a birthday song got you so over the moon! I will say, friends since your infant days are keepers! Thank you, Lees!

I will remember that evening, I baked you a cake too. It was over baked and tasted almost terrible. Still you were wow-ed by the 3 coloured layers, which I lazily replicated a 7 coloured rainbow cake. Despite my sluggish and overlooked effort, you said it was beautifully and tastily good. You were so kind in your words.

Thank you for a wonderful day with you, to rediscover and love you all over again! 

So now you are 6. In the preceding years, I saw how you grew gradually into a girl. The chubbiness on your face faded with time. Instead of becoming more adorable, you grew beautiful in our eyes. We know, no one's perfect. You do have some funny and annoying habits, but I'm sure you'll outgrow them in no time. 

You cared for us and your little brother with a good sense of maturity. You never fail to write us little notes to cheer us up when we're down or unwell. You are a good encourager.

Your style of big sister leadership may not be to your brother's liking at times, but we know how you like to be firm on your judgements and plans. We always tease that you'll be a CEO some day. We often talk about the kind and bad tree, and we know your heart is rooted to be kind. Remember, good values will not lead you to wrong decisions. It may be tough decisions, but don't give up for a good cause.

As you mature and grow, build up that boldness. Not the boldness that keeps you climbing and swinging high up on the trapeze, but the boldness to make your feelings and desires known to people around you. In a subtle and reasonable manner. Holding reservations may often obstruct your door to opportunities and getting what you had really want. As you start venturing deep into society, excel better discernment between the meek and menace. Stay on the safe and righteous side, and be bold to say 'No' at the right time. Have courage, my darling.

Thank you for being our wonderful and sweet daughter. Happy 6th Birthday! You are our joy, light and our pride. May you stay healthy, blessed, God loving and richly loved. As you grow in age, may you also be showered with tremendous wisdom and knowledge in the many studious years ahead. We love you!

Always with love,

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