Friday 10 April 2015

Birthday party planning - Frozen

The Frozen fever did not subside. Jazz is still very much into Let it go and needless to say, that became her birthday party theme last weekend. Her wish became my command. In shades of blue, white and purple (not forgetting Anna), I had the theme done up at her party. It wasn't too difficult as I love party planning. Sometimes it dreads, but there's quite some fun within. Oh well, who else better deserve my time other than my loved ones.

We held her party at slappy cakes, The Grandstand. We thought it's a lovely place that's of good suit for her age group of friends (5 to 6 year old). Little siblings blended very well too.

 photo b46cd45b-0925-4eec-b568-0cdc7f061db5_zpsxwsmbjbw.jpg

I brought in our decorations, did up a barely passable dessert table and brought in some entertainers, a magician and a glitter artist. Jazz had always love magic, and requested to have one at her party. We're glad to have made it happen. 

Decorations and dessert table
I Google and searched for frozen party printable. DIY-ed a banner and some paper tiaras. Here's one you can use. Print them on an A4 sized paper, punch 2 holes, 1 on each end and run a chiffon ribbon through the hole. Triple tie knots to prevent the ribbon from running through. And nope, paper disposable tiaras did not disappoint any girls. In fact, I have much of these leftovers. Drop me a pm if you're planning an upcoming frozen party. I can mail them to you. About 12 of them.

Paper tiaras

We always have this 4 tier cupcake holder, invested when we were in the states. It had always been whipped out for parties. All I needed to do was don it to the theme with coloured tissues. I had Jelly, marshmallows, crackers and grapes sitting pretty on it. At another side, we had lollies with chiffon ribbon tied to it and chocolates to further elevate a happy mood. And of course, balloons!

 photo e04e85e8-d718-472b-8546-04ea614b8b7c_zpsci9z55tp.jpg

Glitter Artist
We used her airbrush service previously for Jare's birthday. Found out that she has sparkly glitter art, and we decided it will wow the kids! She was one entertainer the kids love. Boys and girls would take turns to flock to her for their piece of art. I had thought it would be messy with semi-dried glitter on active kids. To my surprise, it didn't take very long for it to set dry. With Nicole's good range of stencils and colours, it made the kids really happy! She was so occupied that I couldn't find time to slot myself in.

Thanks for making the kids beaming with smile, Nicole!

Her snowflakes glitter

I had say it's a little of fate to have come by Jason. If you read about our party postponement previously, you would have known he wasn't our first choice. I had google, finely shortlisted and selected before confirming him. I'm apprehensive when it comes to choosing an entertainer. I mean what if someone I hadn't met or heard of is just strange or weird, and speaks a whole chunk of terrible English to the kids?!! Worst, a bunch of acts that he doesn't know what he's doing!

I checked him out, tried searching for reviews and videos of his performance. It was not with much convincing avail, but I was affirmed of my choice because of a credible show he did with channel 8 last year. Mentoring a little magician wannabe. Moreover, it can't be too bad relating to kids when he's a primary school educator, with 20 over years of experience with little kids. Sounding like one who's rich in age. I don't know how old he is, but for sure, he looks young. Ok, he sponsored his service at our party, but I wasn't contracted to say this. Regardless of age, through our correspondences and conversations, I could sense his strong passion for kids and magic.

Magician's food?!!

He's one that many of our guests commented their kids love his magic show! Parents were raving about him too. That was truly the highlight of the party. Jason was magically hilarious! So funny that he had all the kids in stitches. I will say where there's children laughter, there's contented joy. Jason brought with him partners for performance. We met his puppet, Dusty and woah... a live dove! It flew out when Jazz popped a balloon. The kids were very excited to get close for a touch.

Looking like Harry potter!

Pop! And a bird appeared!

It was a bonus to have comedy weaved into magic. A magical surprise indeed! We took up package A (45 mins of balloon sculpting + 30 mins of magic show) with him and I had never think Jack can be a master of all trades. He does have some good skills at balloon sculpting too. Like his magic show, it was no nonsense. And if he can't figure it out, he will be real honest about it. And he actually made sure all kids had a sculpted balloon to bring home that day.

 photo 6182a42c-65c9-4713-8d64-25249c7808a5_zpsmm6dvmar.jpg
Some of Jason's sculpted balloons

One thing about Jason, he is sure an early bird. He came in even before we, the hosts arrived, and I was suppose to be early for deco do up. It's good assurance that he will not be late for his allocated show time. I also read that he had performed and worked with various charitable organisations to spice up little children from all walks of life. It's so true when we say it's more blessed to give than to receive. May his magical career be richly rewarded.
So yeap, we're extremely thankful to have him making the party extra lively and joyous. Our only regret was not being able to buy him a drink and do a sit down meal with him that day. He had to rush off to another event. Heartfelt thanks, Jason!

We then ended the party with a surprise appearance, Olaf!

Olaf is quite huge!

Under my appeal, my brother was 'forced' to sacrifice his service behind that resilient fabric. Warm and stuffy, but glad he survived to make some kids happy. Thanks Mummy Ang for the loan!

So glad that Jazz's party happenED! Read past tense. After a series of postponement, she finally made it to blow the candles and distribute her party packs. I had ordered a loot of goodies from taobao to fill the party packs. It took me days to navigate how to finally check out from taobao. Glad my orders arrived! Stampers and pencils from oriental trading. For some reasons, I find it always challenging to get nice lovely stuff from our local party stores. Either they are rather impractical or super expensive. Always prefer hunting more diligently for these, if possible. Planning early helps. Goodie bags are lovely props to thank little friends for coming. It has to delight.

 photo 040342ad-9936-40c1-a106-19a2afd70b02_zpsuikgqvy3.jpg

Ordered watches and combs for the girls. We know vanity kicks it at this age and a watch will give them good cue to recess time next year. Inexpensive may not come with quality, but I do hope the watch can withstand time. At least till their first official recess time next year. I added hand made hair clips to the girls' pack. Ribbons from taobao too. Quite an effort, so please tell me the handmade look great.

Segmented Olaf were for the boys. It can be easily assembled with the attached velcro. Jare had this as a gift some time ago, it got him crazily happy. I thought it makes good gift for the boys this time.

It's a relieve to me. I'm most rewarded when the children and guests, whom I'm also trying to please are happy. We know it's not an easy commitment for families to make time for parties. Thank you snow much for coming by, big and little friends! Your presence made her party so complete.

Jazz was so happy, she thanked me profusely for the work done, money spent and bringing in her abracadabra magician dream. Once again, Happy Birthday, Jazz! Yes, your party came true. You've been so patient for this day. Thank you for waiting.

Happy Birthday, Jazz!

Glitter artist - Sg Airbrush Services
View her works at Instagram: #sgairbrushservices
Contact: 81830477

Magician - Jason Tan's magic
Contact: 98765544

Disclaimer: Glitter artist and magician were sponsored for reviewing purpose. All photos and opinions are solely ours. 


  1. I think you did a great job with the hair clips and it's a great idea! Feel inspired to try to make some myself now :) Happy birthday to Jazz! What a fun party you had!

    1. Thanks mummybean! Yeah, rather rewarding to hand make some party fillers. Try it!

  2. Oh my goodness!! This birthday party was splendid. You did fantastic job with those hair clips. I am also going to attend the New York city party with my daughter. She will visit NYC for the first time so she is very excited!

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