Friday 4 September 2015

Happy Meals just got more exciting!

Do you get kids squealing each time you walk past the fast food restaurant with the big yellow letter, 'M?' Yes, McDonald's! Keep those squeals down as I tell you they are now serving up something more purposeful with those Happy meals. From 03 September to 30 September (4 weeks), each purchase of happy meal comes with a book! I am undoubtedly one excited parent who always prefer books over toys. 

Just hot and fresh from the mail man, we received a total of 8 English titles specially selected from publisher Dorling Kindersley ("DK"). These 8 books of 2 series are "Watch Me Grow" (Targeted at 3 to 5 years old) and "WOW" (Targeted at 7 to 9 years old). The 6 year olds will love them all! 

"Watch Me Grow" series explore an animal's eye view of life through a collection of popular animal titles. The titles in this series include Panda, Butterfly, Elephant and Penguin. Children may read interestingly about these growing animals from babyhood to adulthood. I love that these books come with fold ins and outs on certain pages, which makes it fun to read like 'Peekaboo' books. 

 photo 58809cae-1e0d-4d7c-9aa5-23cdaa7708c0_zpsfpknoc47.jpg
"Watch me grow!"

 photo 1f9ca4d0-099e-414c-8279-4b2fd28deabb_zpsjhj2w5zl.jpg
Growing with the animals

 photo c9ec7f04-8642-44eb-b982-9a800243e2d8_zps3varup9c.jpg

"WOW" series is a spectacular show and tell experience exploring each subject in a unique way through stunning photographic images. Titles in this series include Human Body, Art and Culture, Ancient History and Space. Each book not only come with fantastic facts, it comes with fun quizzes and stickers too. Be sure that your child will be totally engaged.

 photo 1cf95031-a83b-42e6-ae44-7386c5926179_zpszgo31jqb.jpg

 photo be6e34f5-cc37-4bff-bec5-af381c2e0398_zpsqqu5gail.jpg
Colourful presentation

It's an applauding move for McDonald's to help inspire more family reading time, beyond burgers and nuggets. There seriously isn't a better bundle than these very educational books. Like their usual toys, they are light and easy to carry about too. Good for keep. These book choices did make life a little easier for parents. Enriching in both food and knowledge.

And so, I asked Js about these books, here's what I've got:
Jazz: "They are good and exciting. I learn new things."
Jare: "They make me clever!"

Guess they have enjoyed their adventure with these books. Defnitely more pleasing to sight kids handling books than toys over their Happy Meal time. Set a date with your kids at McDonald's soon!

Parents and children can look forward to a choice of 2 new titles that will be launches every Thursday at 11am. Schedule as follows:

Week 1: 03 Sep to 09 Sep
1. Watch me grow! Panda
2. WOW! Human Body
Week 2: 10 Sep to 16 Sep
3. Watch me grow! Butterfly
4. WOW! Art and Culture
Week 3: 17 Sep to 23 Sep
5. Watch me grow! Elephant
6. WOW! Ancient History
Week 4: 24 Sep to 30 Sep
7. Watch me grow! Penguin
8. WOW! Space

Be sure to collect all 8 fun titles. Whilst stocks last!

To add even more fun into reading, kids can also join Ronald McDonald for a session of Art and Craft and fun reading at the following McDonald's restaurants:

Time: 10am to 12pm
12 Sep (Sat): West Coast Park
13 Sep (Sun): Jurong Central Park
19 Sep (Sat): Bishan Park
20 Sep (Sun): Ang Mo Kio Park
26 Sep (Sat): Kallang
27 Sep (Sun): Ridout Tea Garden

Disclaimer: We were given the 8 wonderful titles for keep. All photos and opinions are as usual ours.

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