Monday 7 September 2015

NEWater preschooler's tour

Our long awaited visit to the NEWater visitor centre, preschooler's tour finally happened after gathering 26 little ones! Tour was more comprehensive than our previous visit as all galleries are fully up after renovation. We are so glad to be there for the full experience.

The preschooler's tour was very different from the tour we booked online as an individual. It was light hearted with no heavy information. Nonetheless, still very edutaining. All participants were welcomed by a short video about water and Singapore. The video was very much catered and narrated for little children to comprehend easily. The number of reservoirs and the 4 National taps that provide water for all were introduced. After which, the guide did a little quiz and story session with the children.

The character, Water Wally was introduced during the short story session, which taught the kids ways to conserve water. I was gleeful in heart that they are reminded about conserving water again. This time, not their mama. 

Captivating story time

We moved on to the next gallery of interactive stations where the kids were given some time to freely explore.

Game time!

We gathered back again and walked through a mocked up DTSS (Deep Tunnel Sewerage System) tunnel, which led us to a very colourful gallery for that experience of  'walking on the water.' The kids were very thrilled, so was I.

We then emerged into the next gallery and pretended to be treated water molecules going through the stringent cleaning process. The kids went 'swish swish' through the microfiltration process which keeps out dirt and bacteria.

Microfiltration process

The kids then went 'blup blup' through the Reverse Osmosis process, whereby viruses are kept out. At this stage, water is already of high grade water quality.

Reverse Osmosis process
The final stage was UV disinfection, ensuring that all orgasms are inactivated. The kids had an invisble stamp on their hand which came on clear and visible when they put their hand under the UV light. They went 'zap zap, zap zap' as they walked through it. Just how creatively fun NEWater crafted this tour for the little kids.

UV disinfection

Oh yay! The water is now super, duper, ultra clean for drinking. And yes, you'll be treated to bottles of NEWater at the end of the processes.

We adjoined to a classroom for the final stop of getting those little hands on crafting a mini raingarden. The kids learnt how a raingarden helps to clean water through filtration and improve water quality. Always a brilliant idea to take advantage of rainfall to care for our plants. And if it didn't rain for more than 3 days, we will have to wise up to water it. It was an easy project which the kids brought home and cared for like a little gardener.

Engrossed in her raingarden

If you are keen in making your own raingarden, which can be easily done with recycled materials, you may read here for details.

It was undoubtedly a very fruitful and engaging trip that morning to NEWater. The guide got the kids totally entertained and staff were extremely helpful and friendly too. We are so glad that this initiative supported by PUB is Free and was specially catered for us on a weekend upon request. Free activities can be just as wonderful.

We had little souvenirs to bring home too, other than the raingarden - a shower cap, bottle strap holder and of course, NEWater! We are so thankful too, for all parents and little ones who have came and constituted the minimum number for the tour to proceed. Hope everyone enjoyed!

If you are keen, you may too, gather a minimum number of kids and book a tour. More information here. Apparently, they seemed to have reduced the minimum to 10 instead of 20 kids. Sounds easier to gather for a tour now.

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