Monday 21 September 2015

The Art of Speed - Playeum

Over the weekend, Js had so much fun over at Playeum, Children's Centre for Creativity. The first of its kind opened its doors warmly on 19 September 2015. This dedicated creative space is crafted with the increasing market demands for creativity to establish  meaningful and impactful play for children between the ages, 1 to 12.

Inspired by the Formula 1 season, the Centre debuts its first exhibition 'The Art of Speed' till 03 April 2016. The theme changes three times a year, ensuring a constantly refreshed space to try new ideas, which it will feature a different experience of a different theme. This season, cars, speed and movement are explored and discovered in various experimental ways. With a set of interlinked, participative experiences, children can explore the essence of speed through multisensory and open-ended environments. 

The centre has 4 curated spaces:
Main Space
Features interactive, open-ended installations for hands-on exploration and free play. Here, children can experiment zooming cars and ramps of different shapes and sizes, on their own and with others. Js built their cars with lego and zoomed them down the tracks, which can be formed to the various ways they liked - Loop, double loops, high ramps, low ramps, tunnels. In any ways they like! It was Jare's favourite corner.

Assembling their cars

The test on the tracks

And they brought their cars over to the higher wooden ramp, which yielded much fun and satisfaction from experimenting and admiring how their cars would 'fly' across to the end or just halfway through the ramp.

The ultimate indoor F1 race

Play Maker Space
With a variety of material and tools to choose from, this space allows for meaningful experimentation and tinkering, where children and parents can build objects together, related to the theme of speed. The final products can be experimented over at the high wooden ramp for test and go. We were initially caught with the huge variety of materials and the lack of idea. Till we got our hands on, ideas and inspirations flowed as we built along. Younger children will definitely need some parental assistance  here.

Gathering our resources

If you have no greater destiny of the final products after your test and go, it is recommended that you leave them on their racks for others to admire or for recycling purpose. As an independent non-profit organization, Playeum charges entry to ensure of its operations. There's no core funding and relies on a funding mix from admissions, grants, sponsorships and donations. Little acts count.

The Dark space
Small space but beautiful shadow play installation by creative director Isabelle Desjeux. Children discover and play with the speed of light art, landscapes as well as their shadow. Check out on their website, the different artists and their on site timing for greater play experience.

Dark play space

A variety of stimulating programmes for in-depth, unique explorations of speed through movement, visual, art, photography and more. Additional fees apply and programmes schedule can be viewed on their website too. This is also the space where birthday parties and special celebrations are hosted. 

Party and workshop room

Another space thoughtfully crafted, would be the little crawlers or young toddlers area. Where the really young can have safe fun exploring the various multisensory activities within the padded area. Remember to remove those shoes.

Simple crafts for joy

At the end of the play, children and parents would have ignited the elements of play, create and learn through play. The centre is designed to promote an enjoyable, open-minded and interactive experience. It's no structured classroom setting within and we love this freedom of play! Jare was so in love with speed and cars that we really had a hard time convincing him to leave. We spent about 2 hours in there and if hunger didn't call for us, we might tarry longer. 

And my best part was crafting some hands on projects with the Daddy and kids. It really is a place worth exploring and creating!

47 Malan Road Gillman Barracks 
#01-21 to 23
Singapore 109444
Tel: 6262 0750

Child: $20 (Ages 1 to 12)
Accompanying adult: FREE
Additional Adult: $10

Opening hours:
10am to 6pm (Closed on Mondays and Christmas day)

Disclosure: Media invite. All opinions and photographs are as usual, solely ours.

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