Monday 22 February 2016

Faboulous Five

The boy turned fabulously 5 last week. We realized how time swift passes us so quickly each time we celebrate birthdays. It's wonderful that he seems ready to be a big brother in 2 months time.  

Dear Son,

Last year, for various reasons, we didn't go into your school for a celebration. I realized this year, it was your first time celebrating birthday in school with your teachers and classmates. Sounding even more blog worthy now, even though it was a really simple celebration.

All easy and unconventional, we decided to bring in mini doughnuts in replacement of cake. And indeed, your friends enjoyed their miniature servings with many going for seconds and thirds. You enjoyed them too, didn't you?!! Doughnuts are your favourite.

Mini doughnuts

Just doughnuts, candles and goodie bags, you got especially delighted. It's a preschool tradition in our family that you are allowed to skip school on birthdays for a day out with Daddy and Mummy. Daddy was however too busy with work that he couldn't be us. I know you had great a day out with me and big sister. You asked to visit your favourite indoor playground and we made it happened.

Keep that cheer always

You spent a good 2 hours of fun in there, which I thought you were being kind to me. At least, I've got a table and chair to wait on, and you didn't drag me for play. You even gave me a leg massage when I told you my leg was cramped. You are one sweet boy!

Thank you for being so sweet!

I saw how well you and your sister played at moments like this. I thought, the best gift I have ever given you, would be a sibling. To play, laugh and at times, squabble with. I am comforted that you both play along well most times. 

You matured in various ways, and your contagious laughter and cheerful heart remain your trait. They inspire me. You have your extraordinary moments which often challenge my methods of discipline, but we know, it's all hugs and kisses that we ended up with. I have also began to feel that my expectation level has heightened as you grow each day. We don't do baby talks now, we get to the point and reason it out. There's so much to drill in you, but I too, get exasperated with the negotiations and repeated reminders. "The laundry clothes, clear your empty plates and bowls, brush your teeth, go shower... " The never ending nags, which we know is to make a better you. 

Looking like a happy-go-lucky chap, I know there's some good resilience built in you. Sometimes, you are more courageous than your sister, but I think a little more of it would be better. May you continue to delight everyone in our family, be our seed of joy, laughter and happiness!

Made with love!

I love how easily and simply contented you got with this home made cake for you. Always remember, we love you the same, yesterday, today and forever... Happy 5th birthday, son!

And yes, he asked for a Star Wars party with friends. Will be updating that part of party soon!

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