Thursday 7 April 2016

10 Confessions of a third time pregnancy

It's my third pregnancy, and I am still in daze of, 'why am I doing this?' My kids are so manageable now, almost independent in many of the tasks in school and at home. Am I ready to start babyhood all over again?

I knew, I had always wanted 3. 

In the anytime zone, we'll be welcoming a new addition to our family. I've significantly noticed how a third time pregnancy feels just so indifferent.

1. You've got it all
Knowing we might still be expanding our family, I handed most baby essentials to my cousin with hint that we might need them back. So yeap, most essentials will be recycled. And I love it that way because babyhood is one speeding phase. Before you sink into reality, they'll outgrow that phase. It's relatively true that we'll spend lesser on the third. It's not unequal sacrifice, it's being economical. 

Since we have a girl and a boy, clothes for either gender were covered for too. Though I've given quite a fair bit away, we kept a little of both. So J3, "you will be using big brother's wear. I assure you, he's quite a fashionista!"

I did buy some new baby wears though. With open arms, we welcomed hands down too! Thanks Mama J.    

2. Maternity wear
Nah, I really dislike them. I was most eager to get my up sizes from the maternity store when I had J1, but I realized maternity wears aren't very much to my liking and it bogs down my image. I find most maternity wears boring, dull and untrendy.

What I had realized was investing in a pair of good stretchable or maternity jeans, skirt or shorts for matching any loose and baggy tops. My wardrobe has got my favourite stretchable leggings, jeans and skirts which can sit comfortably beneath my huge belly. And of course, dresses that cover me up comfortably are my favourites too.

Huge savings if you can find fit in your current loose wardrobe. 

3. Looking good - What's that?
I am one who finds the lowest mood and energy when pregnant. I don't enjoy being pregnant. Since the initial weeks, morning sickness is one that's near to taking my soul away. Crawling into the third doesn't help much either. So yes, I confess, the upkeep of an image I used to highly focus on took a back seat. I wasn't so much keen in looking good. As a Mum who does school runs, the sunglasses became my best accessory ever. Groceries run doesn't really bother me either.

4. Chill
We are about 3 weeks away from EDD, but newborn clothes have not been washed, cot has not been set up, nothing seemed prepared. Or am I just so ready to welcome J3 anytime? Maybe. Oh, and we do need diapers, have we bought? Ok, chill. My cot is still sitting in my cousin's home. I'm not quite done with shopping.

5. The juggling
I am a little apprehensive if I can manage this expanded role with little or no help. The baby, the school runs, the school work, the milk and the diaper schedule that will be creeping in. It's getting too real now!

Well, A will a way. I believe Mums are supernatural beings.

6. Visiting the gynae
As the man got busier, some visits to the doctor are unaccompanied as compared to the first 2 where he would be there for every visit. Daddy still loves you, J3! And now that most gyanes do not offer packages, we tried as much as we can to delay appointments for the time and cost savings involved.

7. Emotions
With one in the tum, and 2 in my world to look after, I do feel bad that J3 has to go through all the rollercoaster rides of my parenting journey. The peaks of my anger when his siblings hit my nerve and that part of yelling that I wasn't intending to impart send me feeling so bad. I believe in staying happy and positive when growing a baby.

Oh well, I hope the real cultivation begins when J3 greets the world. I will make peace at home.  

8. Trump card
Being pregnant now is completely different when I birthed J1 7 years ago. Energy level goes down as age goes up. I don't really want to bring in this linear relationship, but it's evident! I know, being lazy is sometimes a big part of me, but that bump is my trump card to help get out of things. I often tell the man, "I need my nap. Thanks Dear!"

But you know, I've been really hardworking almost every other day, for the kids! 

9. Fear
I confess that fear of delivery. Still. The pain, process, hours and uncertainties are keeping me too occupied these days. The thoughts of labour, trading night sleeps and boobs for milk are already sending some chills down my spine and making me tired.

It doesn't help when my gynae warns on quicker labour for third birth. I don't want to handle labour while driving!

10. Confinement
I dislike being bounded by myths and rules, but I need to tell you, I'm rather excited about the help and rest I can get during that 1 month. The man will up his roles to cover my chauffeur duties. Meals and chores will be covered by the confinement lady we are engaging! It's like a welcoming break from routines. Probably the best stay-in-cation I can ever have. Yes, I'm excited to be confined!

Of course, it will be another set of new routine coming by. Changes are good, and I'm looking forward to more cries in our nest.

Confessions upon confessions. I need to exclaim, "I am excited to meet you, J3! I can't wait to feel the love your siblings will shower upon you and the joy you will bring to us. I've told them repeatedly since the day you conceived, that they will up their roles in expanding their love and sharing their toys with you. You will be one blessed baby brother! Continue to grow well in, birth healthy and we'll meet soon!"

Oh, and Pillow is excited to meet you too... Woof....!

Eager to meet

What other slacks does subsequent pregnancies do to you?!! I think I've also got more rebellious in eating and doing anything I want. I'm just going all the way to the end, instead of just sitting around for labour. There isn't quite a replacement in that role of a Mum.


  1. All the best, Karen! Looking forward to seeing your J3! :)

  2. Who says you don't look good when you're pregnant? You were looking radiant the last time I saw you. So so exciting, J3 is coming anytime soon!

    1. So kind of you, Susan! I've been looking so lethargic these days. And yes, can't wait for little one's arrival.


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