Thursday, 28 April 2016

Birth story of our newest member

We welcomed the birth of our third addition last week, on 21st April 2016. 

I am so thankful to be fulfilling the call of Mothering another beautiful miracle. 1 day shy of 39 weeks, littlest J boy decided to make his way to meet us.

Here's our BIRTH STORY to share:

I woke up at 5:30am with some bad cramps and thought I might be in labour. It however got more manageable, but the man insisted on checking into the hospital. One anxious Dad he was. I know.

6.15am: Admitted to hospital with dilation of 3cm. Contractions were mild and slow. I knew we could have waited longer.

11.30am: Broke the water bag, but contractions were still not ideal.

1pm: Put on drip to quicken labour. And that was when the ultimate pain started to kick in gradually. I depended on laughing gas which became unhelpful as the pain got intense.

2.30pm: Yelling, crying and groaning in pain! I knew the option for epidural was out, so I asked for pethidine (pain relieve jab). At 5cm dilated, doctor decided it wasn't a safe option for me.

WHAT?!!! Ok, my bad, I should have decided on a pain relieve option much earlier. Oh well, I did Jazz with epidural, Jare with pethidine and I thought I could handle this boy totally natural. 

3pm: I was one hysterical woman in the delivery suite. Whether or not I was ready, I declared the urge to push at 5cm. Apparatus were ready, doctor and nurses came in, I pushed with all my might or with whatever energy left. I did feel like giving up after some tough pushes, but I pressed on for the fear of any emergencies.

Gosh! The pain was indescribable and it was mad!

Then out came the head, which I thought all's over, but I needed another tough push for those shoulders and then, he was completely out! It was an immediate relieve, and I realized I could breathe like normal again.

My newborn was placed on me. I looked at him with much joy and at the same time bewildered over the agonizing pain this birth brought upon. I did a noble exchange and I am still amazed at how I did it!

Nonetheless, I was soaked in the beauty of miracle and cried buckets over the victory we celebrate!

Welcome to the World, baby!

Welcome to the world!

When my doctor congratulated and praised my bravery, I could only say, "I should have...!" I should have opted a pain reliever for a less dramatic episode. How did I not realize epidural was the best medical invention?!!

Even without any pain relieve, I shivered badly, threw up and ran a temperature that very instance after birth. I was extremely exhausted after all the drama. And yes, my throat hurts badly from all the yelling.

On the bright side, I'm glad to have a lower hospital bill for going minimal.

Thankful for a smooth and safe delivery and I am all so ready to battle the parenting of 3 wonderful children. Truly a Mum's calling.

We are complete!

We spent 2 nights at Thomson Medical Centre and I've to say, comparing to staycation-ing there 7 years ago, service and environment got a lot better. I think there were some renovations done. Nurses were angelic, stay was comfy and for being 3rd time loyal, they presented a lovely hamper to us.

Thank you for the hospitality!

If you are giving birth at TMC this year, check out the Mummy's Pampering Luggage they are giving to all Mums as gift. This is not a sponsored post, but one to appreciate the medical people in the industry. Good things must share!

Photo credit: Thomson Medical

And of course, we are thankful for our families and friends who stood by and took time off to visit us and leave us kind greetings. Heartfelt thanks for your love and gifts.

To all preggies out there, wishing you a safe and smooth delivery.

To the newly minted parents, a Big Congrats! Welcome to parenthood.

To the being parents again, congrats too! On giving our children the best gift in life, another sibling!

Precious milk

Today, a week later, I celebrate the achievement of 100ml!

Breastfeeding may not be an easy journey, but I know Mothers are amazing overcomers! Let's preserve on.

Stay calm, birth on, nurse on and Mother on...


  1. Congrats Karen, you're a champ for going natural! Jia you on your bf journey, it's not easy but you can do it :) Drink lots of liquid and papaya fish soup.

    1. Thanks Susan! Yeah, my confinement lady is making me drink lots of soup :)

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