Wednesday 13 April 2016

Peek into my week as a Mum blogger

Blogging is very much a hobby, love and passion to me. It isn't so much about Work, because really, there's no livelihood out of it! I would be overjoyed if it does help get some load off my groceries bill, but nope!

Monetary gain had never been substantial and Sponsorship are bonuses which are mostly settled like that of a barter trade.

This blog birthed in 2009, based on a simple physiological need, the need of self actualization to document the milestones of our parenting and kids' growing journey. It grew vastly along the years and I have to say, it's consuming a bigger part of my schedule now than when it just started.

My workstation

The nuclear in our family multiplies, so does blogging. It's after all, because of the kids, that my blogging inspirations come. And of course, we dealt more with sponsored posts too.

How do I find time to blog?
If you have a hobby, it's most natural that you find time for it. And I know, parenting doesn't come with that frequent freedom to groom a hobby. With passion and love, it'll be easier to nurture. Many blogs have sprouted along the decades, and without constant nourishing, they wither quickly. 

It's all about seeking time for it. For me, above and beyond the Motherly duties.  
Some weeks I get the peak and some weeks the trough. It largely depends on what comes through the email, and what events or products have been covered that requires a post up. I'll try not to over commit in order to still get some breather in between. And of course, I had love to keep my focus of putting up my own content, the non-sponsored posts.

To date, I'm also trying to find an auspicious time to embark on, 'Descendants of the sun.' Tell me it will be an awesome indulge!

These are good days for me get onto my blog to update, write and share inspirations. Content is much created and published at my own pace. Flexible schedule. Sponsored posts are usually more time sensitive. So the priority and scheduling comes in here.

My day begins at 6am

Whip breakfast and get the kids ready for school. The man takes Jazz to school at 6.45am and that's when I have some time to myself till the boy wakes up at 8am for breakfast and school.

My official 'Me' time begins between 9:30am to 1pm. This crucial time is much appreciated for handling other matters:
  • Groceries 
  • Meals preparation (Lunch for Jazz and dinner for all) 
  • Household chores
  • Blogging 
  • Others - read, chat up with friends, bake etc.
  • Nap (If I've spare! Preggy you know)

Listed first is of the highest priority to lowest. I mean my boss will definitely be unhappy if I over blog without putting food on the table for the family.

I do the groceries twice to thrice a week, after sending Jare to school. Meals preparation come in everyday, except Wednesday, when we will dinner over at my Grands. Preparing the meals during this time helps me shorten kitchen duration when the kids are home. All I had needed to do is to toss everything into the wok.


Household chores are usually on hold if I'm competing with time. It will be an eyesore, but at least it sits where it is quietly. Best part, if it sits too long, the man will do the laundry! Yay or Nay? I keep my job.

After 1pm
When my official 'me' time is over, I do not come back to blog as I commit the rest of my day to the kids. The chauffeuring from school to home and to classes, the school work that I need to see through with Jazz, the cooking of lunch and dinner and the little chores or quality time with kids I can squeeze out will be during this time.

If I have unaccomplished work on blog, I'll log on after the kids turn in or when Jazz is independent on her school work. I do however use some in between time to update Instagram or push out a ready content.

Snippets of a week

Some nights, when their bedtime overrun, I'll catch my missed drama on Toggle. Oh. So. Aunty! I know.

So these the snippets of my typical weekday, which is really much about Work - Home matters and Online matters.

The laptop's shut. Only Instagram and Facebook posts. I set time to be with the family since weekends are precious get together time. Being a stay home Mum, I chauffeur and work hard on weekdays for their enrichment just so weekends are very much freed up for any activities we have in mind.

I don't really step into the kitchen and I keep house chores away. I look forward too, to the time I can snug longer in bed. Recuperate I meant.

Js do their swimming lesson on Sundays, which is also a time we are all gathered together by the pool as a family and with our friends.

Weekend fun

Stay home Mum gets excited about weekends too! Not having to rise and shine at 6am is a great deal to me.

How often do I blog?
Consistency is always a good frequency. If inspiration comes and time permits, I get onto writing and probably keep it in draft for a couple of days of editing. So yeap, I do keep some in draft for the drought season or till I think it's ready for publish. 

Love to have something out at least once or twice a week. I'll try to spread out sponsored posts, which most allow the flexibility in doing so.

And some days, blogging and house chores can be like this too...

Just too tired

What blogging involves?
We very much know what's in the scope of a stay home Mum. Or more accurately, it takes a Mum to understand a Mum. A blogger to understand a blogger.

There's just much coordination and effort behind every post.

I reply emails during the pockets of time I have when doing the Mummy Taxi duty. While waiting for the kids to end their enrichment or while waiting for Jazz to end school. Or sometimes, when I'm waiting for my pot of pasta to get cooked.

Those in between time.

If there's more I need to read up or find out on an event or product, I'll reply when I get hold of a better time. There's always some analysis behind each collaboration. Just to ensure that every opportunity is beneficial to our family and readers, as well as worth the reviewing effort. 

Sometimes, our availability or suitability just don't fit certain events. Decisions and commitments are more manageable if we learn to sieve and say, 'No.'

Pictures complements blogging. After which, there's just so much editing behind every picture. The cropping, brightening and watermarking do take some time. I'm not a pro, but I appreciate great pictures.

Js used to be so camera trained, till recently they went, "stop taking pictures of me, Mama!" Oh well... I still have to. Even though it's quite a fret to get great photos of them now.

Sometimes, with bribery involved. 

The little 'ah beng' speaks

The other platforms that I've embarked on are our Facebook page, Instagram (@mumscalling) and Pinterest (Mum's calling). Welcome you to like and follow! Instagram, which I sometimes link up to Facebook allows me to share the less wordy inspirations, and sometimes hunts of fun places that we can shout out without getting on blog.

I prefer not to be seen diving into the phone too frequent whenever I'm with family or friends. I post feeds during any freed time.

Treasure precious moments first.

Pinterest on the other hand gets very rare updates. I use it more of a platform for me to gather ideas and insights of other creative Mums and users. You will find great parenting, parties, food and other great ideas in there.

So yeap, you can tell I'm not adventurous with other new platforms and I don't think I have the resources and time to manage more than these.

Blogging should never precede the priority of my family. After all, it's because of my calling as a Mum, that I got inspired to start this blog.

While many often say, "Oh, so nice, you get to go on this and that for Free!" My heart speaks much for this, we know there's no free lunch and it's all about trade. The much work behind a content is vague to readers but significant to writers.

You can never guess how much hard work is behind each content. Writing had never been my finest quality, it does take me some longer time to get chunks of words out. Days of accumulated hours for certain content.

Glad though, I am often a better voice in writing than in speaking.

As Js grow older, this is one that is unlikely to sustain. They need their privacy and I'll just run out of stories and pictures to tell. Parenting is a permanent journey, whereas blogging has an expiry on us.

With J3 coming along, my schedule definitely gets more complicated. But I guess, we can hang in here a little longer, for the new joy and milestones to add!

Even if it's just one reader

Over the years, I often ask myself if I would continue blogging even if there's only 1, 2 or maybe 3 readers?

I will! Because, it's all about you, and for you, Js.

So, you want to be a parent blogger? Welcome on board!

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