Tuesday 28 June 2016

[Book Review] Meet The Wakersaur

It's always nice to come across books written by local writers. Not the literature aspect, but children's storybooks. Mostly inspired after a turn into parenting.

Here's one book we came across recently, Meet the Wakersaur authored by Shervin Seah and illustrated by Candice Phang, is about a made-up creature that's specially equipped to wake sleepheaded children up in the morning. When I first heard it, I knew it was one perfect book for Js who often finds getting out of bed an early morning chore. Can't blame them, they take much after their parents who love to sleep. 

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This book was inspired by Shervin's experiences in trying to wake his kid up on a school day, where he had to tickle him, rub his stubble on him and smoulder him with kisses. Much of these familiar scenes went into the creature, Wakesaur. Yes, the Mummies don't get it. Which is why Mummies need to get hold of the book, and summon the Dad in for bedtime story. So each time I'm busily occupied and the kids ask for a story, I'll tell them, "Get Daddy to do the Wakesaur." I love it when Mums don't get it at times.

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This book suitable for children between ages 2 to 6 requires the use of our animated voice. You gotta try be as funny and as entertaining as you can. It can be highly interactive between you and your child. Tickle, make faces and rub your stubble on your kid. See why it's Daddies exclusive. 

 photo 4072b17e-f75f-4719-a768-83d0d51a31eb_zps62ih5uuk.jpg

Looks like the kids are enjoying this book with their Daddy. 

It usually catches my attention when coming across children's books written locally. After all, the context might feel closer to our hearts. So then, I've always been curious about the writer and book's journey. Here's what I asked and found out from Shervin:

1. What are some of the challenges you faced as a local book writer?
One constant challenge is time: finding the time to write, to source for illustrators, to oversee production, source for printing quotes, press check etc. while balancing a day job. The other challenge is finding a publisher and distributor, which I guess is something that's not unique to local writers but writers everywhere. But I think in SG, this problem is exacerbated by our small market, which results in fewer options of publishers, distributors and specialty bookstores. For example, a publisher who wanted to explore working with me was based in KL. 

2. What message would you relay to young aspiring writers? 
With the Internet, it's easier to self-publish, promote and sell. Research and explore the web. For example, Amazon has a self-publishing platform called Createspace and with bloggers like yourself who's willing to support local writers, there are some marketing/promotion options available. Be resourceful.

3. Any idea what's ahead, after Wakersaur?
I have another book being produced right now. It's called Twinkle Twinkle Great Big Star and it's about stars and planets. I wrote this because when my child was younger, I wanted to introduce outer space to him but couldn't find something age-appropriate (he was around 4 yrs old then). Everything out there was text-heavy and read more like a textbook. So I decided to create one myself, one that presents this scientific topic in a way that children aged 3 to 6 years old can grasp. It's being illustrated right now and should be available later part of the year.  

Aspiration and passion turned into actions. Just how determined one has to be to see through all challenges to see fruit. I love how this book was birthed and can't wait to catch Twinkle Twinkle Great Big Star!

Meanwhile, Meet the Wakersaur is widely available in Popular and MPH bookstores. Get your copy soon! What more can I say about a book written this creatively for both Dad and child? Further more, let's support local.

Shervin is a Dad to 2 wonderful boys, aged 7 and 2. Heap Thanks to his generosity, he is giving away 3 books of Meet the Wakersaur to 3 lucky readers of Mum's calling. All you had need to do is ensure that you have:

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2. Tagged 3 friends on this Facebook post, whom you think will be keen in this giveaway.

Feel free to share this post so that more people can know about this lovely book. Giveaway ends on 07 July, 2359 hrs. All the best!

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Disclaimer: A copy of Meet The Wakersaur was given for the purpose of this review. No monteary compensation was involved. All opinions and photos are solely ours. 

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