Friday 24 June 2016

Lillebaby Complete Airflow carrier

It's been quite frequent now that we bring Juboy out with us. When most places aren't exactly stroller friendly, we like to work with our baby carrier. The last time I used one was 5 years ago with an old generation baby bjorn.

Fast forward to 5 years later, the man started to kangaroo his baby for the first time. Yes, I've been doing the work of kangaroo-ing for our previous two kids. It must be the new carrier we are using that inspired him.

Baby carriers in the market have evolved much from simple to fanciful and functional designs. You name it, you find it. We came across the Lillebaby carrier, complete airflow and are very much contented with the usage of it.

 photo 6e7071ae-fdc1-4529-b120-09cf52a9ecd1_zpsfh80onr5.jpg

Here are the solid reasons why we love it:
1. Ergonomic
The shoulder straps are wide, well-padded and of sturdy fabric to distribute the baby's weight evenly. There's also Lumbar support with a wide and sturdy waist belt to give good posture. These in combination help alleviate pressure on our back and shoulders saving them from strain. I testify to this strongly as it really kept us ache free after hours of usage.  

 photo d185da60-86de-419c-8c94-0a36f32a3b95_zpswn6xmk8m.jpg

2. Comfortable
Great cushion, sturdy fabric and ergonomic design made it all easy and comfortable for the wearer. The baby too, it's been more than a couple of times that he fell asleep in it. I will describe it as using a marshmallow carrier. Soft and comfy.

 photo ec9e95b4-00d8-4e42-a631-d637baee1271_zpsid7lsbfs.jpg

3. Weather perfect
It's an all summer season here. Being cool, breathable and 3D mesh, it gives both the baby and wearer fresh doses of air. It doesn't feel uncomfortably warm when using it for long.

4. Multi-ways
It's so versatile that you can wear it in 6 positions, fetal, infant, toddler, hip and back. For now, we are only exploring the fetal face in position.

Photo credit: Lillebaby

5. Easy clean
We know how frequent baby products need to be washed and cleaned. And for being machine washable, this saves us from the hassle of hand washing.

6. Adjustable
There is no one size fit all carrier. Since we rotate the use of carrier between the man and myself, we are happy that the carrier is easily adjustable. Though tightening all straps to the tightest did pose a little of challenge for my petite frame, it got better as baby grew bigger.

7. Easy to use
I did have a little trouble initially to self buckle at the back. But practice made it all perfect, I'm better at it now whenever I'm alone. Of course, it did make it a little more convenient when someone is around to take care of that buckle for me.

8. No infant insert
The complete airflow is suitable from newborn of 3.2kg and above. It doesn't require an insert when using for newborn. I started using when Juboy was about 3.5kg. However, I felt it was more tugged and snugged when I inserted a receiving blanket at the bottom of his seat. Now that he is bigger, I didn't have to prop him up anymore.

9. Extended usage
The carrier is good for newborn of 3.2kg up to toddler of 20kg. That's some good mileage to the use of it. A worthy investment for sure.

10. Hood
It comes with sleeping hood that gives baby the privacy while sleeping. It's also a good shield from the sun, drizzle or even during breastfeeding. We use it occasionally while eating, to prevent food scraps from getting on the baby's head. The hood is removable.

11. Pockets
There's a zipped pocket on the front of the carrier, which is good for a small wallet. It is very much handy for us to store and retrieve some cash and essentials when we need them instantly. The hood pocket that's not zipped allows some storage too.

  photo 83d6afc1-7ca5-45ed-9dd8-73671904e807_zps5xj484w1.jpg

12. Lightweight
It's lightweight and easily foldable. Definitely a great travel companion.

13. Neat design
We love how neatly the excess straps can be folded and kept within an elastic loop, without leaving to dangle. The buckles on the shoulder straps can also be tucked within, so it doesn't irritate the baby's face.

  photo ec4da943-2229-40a8-81cf-71799dced049_zpseoz5vx1b.jpg

 photo 9a215741-552b-48ac-8671-8d520238aa40_zpskwtc9zsb.jpg

14. Neck and head support
At a later stage, when baby is taller and falls asleep in the carrier, you can flip up the neck support flap. It supports baby's head so it won't flop backwards. The adjustable width gently cradles baby's head and elastic straps provide support while allowing head movement. If not in use, you can fold the flap down neatly and snap.

  photo 060eef23-00a3-423b-9e2b-b7880c235b6c_zpsnj4cehve.jpg

  photo f2001932-8708-4396-8214-2152bbbdb98e_zpsmwxc020q.jpg

15. Seat adjustment
We love the little customization here to get wearing more comfortable. Its seat width is adjustable to promote developmentand proper ergonomic leg position in every carrying position to support baby’s hip, pelvis, and spinal development. That is, you adjust the seat to a wide setting for the fetal, toddler, hip and back carrying positions. Narrow setting for the infant face in and forward facing positions.

16. Safe materials
The products contain NO lead, toxic dyes, phthalates, or flame retardants. The majority of fabric used is manufactured internally so it meets rigorous standards. Fabrics  not manufactured within are submitted to independent  and rigorous safety testing before they are used. The padding on the shoulder pads is a non-toxic PE, a material frequently used in baby mattresses. The waist belt is also made of non-toxic PEVA material. Many baby products are now manufactured using PEVA as it is considered “greener” and safer than PVC and other materials. 

So yeap, I do feel this is the complete, well thought and all in one carrier. However, it doesn't seem as mass market as other brands, especially in Asia. I attribute this to the slight flaw of it not designing for short and petite Mummies like me. It felt kinda inappropriate when I first used, as it wasn't well snugged and tugged. It however got better as Juboy grew bigger to the usage. The man did not have this problem though.

Other than that, it really is near being perfect. Their prices are affordable and reasonably pegged to the many features and functionality it has. If you think that the designs are boring, then you do need to check out their tokidoki range. They're lovely! Lillebaby carrier can be purchased at major department stores, baby/kids stores and online baby shops. 

Click for other useful information:
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Disclaimer: A complete airflow carrier was given for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are solely ours. 

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