Wednesday 8 June 2016

Playeum - Hideways, Creating with Nature

The playeum has turnover to a new theme! It's now exhibiting Hideways - Creating with Nature. Offering an immersive environment for children to explore, observe, construct, reflect, innovate and engage with nature and natural materials through hands-on exhibits and interactive artists' installations. Basically, bringing the outdoor nature in.

The exhibition follows the hugely successful inaugural exhibition 'The Art of Speed,' which Js had tremendous fun too. We love it for fun that's not the usual indoor playground, but experiential learning through Art and Play!

The indoor layout is mapped as follows:
Creature Cave
Features animal sound pads and a range of textures and lights for infants and toddlers to explore the multi-sensory cave using their bodies, eyes and ears. It's a padded area where no shoes are allowed. Perfect for our little crawlers.

Dark Space
Kinectic art work and hands on activities in this changing space. When we were there, kids were given the freedom to create 'spider web' using velcros and ropes. The ropes being white, were glowing beautifully under the UV light for play. It did work like a laser quest game for Js.

What made it even more exciting in this room, was the sound of nature with insects 'conversing' and birds chirping. It was so fun that Js visited this room umpteen times.

Knock, Knock! Who Live There?
On special surveillance screens, children can view insects and other creatures, their natural habitats and record what they see, view real specimens and view the ants' nest in their natural environment. Goose bumps for me.

This is also where children can work with magnifying glass to view enlarged insects, try to draw insects with some guide books available or even write a letter to the creepy crawlers! Yes, they do have a mailbox. Here's what our boy wrote to Mr Ant's family, "Dear ants, please come to our home."

Oh well, we are definitely not gonna welcome pests as guests.

Welcome to My World
Kids can imagine a world where they are as small as an insect in an immersive installation that presents the insect environment on a giant scale. They can construct shelters, which will grow throughout the exhibition's duration.

It takes a little of a skill to tie these sticks together, while allowing that little imagination run. I got reminded of my outdoor camping days with these build and tie shelters. 

Make-Believe Hideway
This installation invites kids to experience playing with clay and building imaginary habitats inspired by nature. These multiple miniature environments are then placed within a larger habitat, resulting in a collective make-believe hideway.

Clay session is about 30 minutes and pre-registered if the place gets too crowded. Simply put your child's name on the board provided to indicate interest in the clay session. It's interesting on the type of habitat a child can press out of clay. After which, their works can go on display. Clay can be purchased at $5 if you would like to bring home.

Sounds of Earth: Nature's Ensemble 
An interactive sound installation where children can create and build musical instruments with natural materials. These will be attached to a skelatal structure that will grow over the exhibition's duration. Be amazed at how sounds can be created from nature, like coconut husks.

This is also where they can get crafty, building a natural habitat with the materials provided. Instructions are pasted on the wall on how to build an insect's habitat. Good for the clueless parents like me.

Playeum is a well sought after venue for birthday parties hosting. While we were there, we caught sight of their birthday party activities held outdoor, and sneaked in for some play after they ended. Alright we weren't that sneaky after all. The friendly and kind staff offered us to play.

Chalks were available to draw on the ground and colourful flower petals were given to 'colour' the drawing. Interesting!

Js had great fun with nature. It isn't a place just for kids, but for parents to get their hands on together with their kids. No better deal than this. We spent about 2 hours playing, creating and experimenting before our tummies made the call to leave for dinner. 

Playeum is ideal for children between the ages 1 to 12. You may check them out for workshops and holiday programmes too.

This hands-on nature themed exhibition will run till 30 October 2016 at:
Block 47 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks
#01-21 to #01-23
Singapore 109444
Opening hours: 10am to 6pm
Opening days: Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Mondays)
Ticket price: $20 per child
(Free entry for 1 accompanying adult and $10 per additional adult)
Website: Playeum

Heap Thanks to Playeum, we are giving away 2 entrance passes (worth $40) to 1 lucky winner. All you had need to do is:

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Best of luck! 

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