Wednesday 22 June 2016

Paternity leave is a saviour

Father's day often gets a lesser light compared to Mother's Day. The winning debate must be that pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are the tough and irreplaceable journeys uniquely to Mums.

Daddies are like unsung heroes who are often forgotten or unappreciated. I couldn't have appreciated my children's Daddy more with the arrival of Juboy. I need to mention, I am really thankful for the extension of paternity leave to 2 weeks, and that his company is pioneering it on this implementation. We were in time!

During the 2 weeks, which he had spread over a month of half days were a huge blessing to our family. He stood in the roles of my Mummy taxi duties to and fro school, as well as enrichment classes. He upped his duties in the various departments, especially academics and entertainment. He ran errands in and out, to shops, to clinics and even to markets. Groceries was never his forte. But phew, he didn't need to cook. Even though we had a confinement lady, his expanded duties seemed endless with the constant chores in the family.

So yes, I am thankful for the 2 weeks paternity given, without penalizing his personal leaves. During that period, it seemed like the man slept lesser than anyone of us. Some days, he had excess work to complete after the usual routines. It was a tough job doubling up.

Paternity leaves are thoughtful gifts not just for Dads, but for everyone in the family. Being a Mum of 3, it was a huge help with his presence at home. Singapore Dads are some of the most hands on parents I've ever seen. Extension of paternity leave is one great move. At least, I am one who truly appreciate it, which I believe many more do and will.

I wished the 2 weeks paternity was gifted years ago, when we had no confinement help for the previous 2. It would have been a saviour! But the past shall not be raked.

New Dads out there, do help around the house and the new baby with these added leaves. To all the Daddies' colleague who might turn on a green eye, get on the wagon of baby booming. It's no easy task, it's no vacation, but these are great Dads in the home and diligent workers at work.

Happy Father's Day to our hero. Thank you for all the ongoing hardwork. We love and appreciate you!

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