Monday 15 August 2016

Floral Background Wall

Floral garage had recently sent us a box of DIY Floral backdrop. A box of faux flowers mainly for wall decoration at parties or any special events. Since we didn't have any party up in line, we used the decorations for photography. We did up a floral wall for home photography.

It was a most basic set of DIY that came with loose pieces of flowers and a washi tape. Specially included for us were poms poms and tassels for added colours. I handed Js the box, and instructed them to self create a wall of flowers.

 photo c0a47fc7-7ca2-4339-9779-715d7d46f011_zpso5hej9kw.jpg

So yeap, there wasn't any parental intervention in the putting up. For our love of free play, everything was left to their desired creativity. It was fun putting everything together, with me following their instructions instead of mine. A great opportunity to role switch.

 photo 7e6530d0-0543-4fa6-8d06-eaad7dafe620_zpsyxrfifqa.jpg

Even if it didn't turn out to be something glamorous, I would make do with it. It was more exciting as a journey than the outcome.

We worked with our outdoor wall as we wanted good natural light for photography. The washi tape given didn't look harsh for walls, so indoor walls should be fine. Washi tapes are not stickily strong, and you might end up picking fallen flowers quite often. If you would like to secure it for long, consider washi tapping over a strong tape. 

You may use the flowers to decorate the kids' room too. I'm quite certain of the therapeutic effect it exuberates. 

 photo aed0bb9a-e30f-4bd4-b845-665388858c85_zpsrvyez50i.jpg

After getting the siblings' creativity to work, we had quite a pretty turn out. It was natural that we, the parents went snapping away. We were so serious that I even asked them to change their outfits to match our Garden look alike theme.

 photo c1182e38-e3dd-4b5a-8648-d482acb91e45_zps6wifp3xy.jpg

 photo f207b89b-47fb-4931-b428-8bd0781b12aa_zpsgqvi19m6.jpg

 photo 030eb60c-f2fe-4d4b-b865-2078eec9eb74_zpsxq4gs6i2.jpg

It was some photography fun we had, with good keepsakes. Though I did think a white wall may bring out the flowers better. Like one great idea here. 

Photo credit: Floral Garage

Notice how the washi tape look very much artistic in here than our DIY? I reckon it will look better if the flowers are put up close to each other than sparsely decorated. 

Oh well, the best thing about these flowers being artificial means its time withstanding, and we can always bring it out for another round of creative set up.  

This boxful of DIY Floral Backdrop is also one great idea for a party or wedding photo booth. In fact, in any fun ways you can think of. The flowers are specially curated with a perfect blend of colours and sizes. Each box comes with about 25 to 30 stalks of flowers with a handful of greens to fill little spaces between. 

Every set is individually unique.

Floral Garage offers the eye for beauty and novelty. Flowers, hampers, party supplies and fun gifts, they cover it all! I love their extensive range of products which makes it a great place to come on for any special occasion in mind.

Disclaimer: We were given a box of DIY Floral Backdrop for the purspose of this review. All opinions and photos, unless otherwise credited are solely ours. 

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