Monday 22 August 2016

[Review] Little Star

Sing to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Little Star. A puppet show by itheatre that brings little audience through an adventure from space to earth and even under the sea, to find little star's place in the universe. Little star is lost and needs to find her way back home.

A show cheerfully put up with fun peekaboo plays, colourful visuals and glow in the dark puppets are sure to delight your little preschoolers. Even easier for young toddlers with its minimal dialogue and wonderful tunes.

The scene was introduced with Celeste and Cosmo as 2 bickering siblings (or friends). Celeste loves numbers and is often highly curious about the things around her, while Cosmo is one playful boy who likes to tease and disturb Celeste repeatedly. Which soon, the duo found each other boring to be around with. It was such a cute scene that sent many kids in stitches, and so hilarious that Js are mimicking it at home. 

Little star stumbled upon their home in search for hers, and then continued on a journey to search for home. It was an exciting ride that she brought the audience along with, through the sea and all the way to space.

The educational aspect is not forgotten with snippets of fact introduced to the audience. It was taught that the sun is a star and that a starfish has 5 arms (while the other argues as legs). It identified star in different forms. 

The surprise element came with LED light balls thrown from the back, carried and played among the audience all the way to front. Needless to say, that sent all kids squealing with excitement. For a quick moment, all fun and eyes were mesmerized on those colourful light balls. Totally love this little surprise they weaved into the show.

And so I asked Js, where exactly is Little Star's home? They said where the siblings are! That's because it came to bring peace and unity among the sibling pair. I just couldn't fault them.

Overall, this is one great show that blends learning with the sense of aesthetic. It is highly suitable for preschoolers between 2 to 6 years old with its fun visuals and simple understanding. We know how curious kids of this age are about the things and world around them. Come on and catch little star! 

Date: 17 Aug to 11 Sep 2016
Mon to Wed: 10am
Thurs and Fri: 10am and 2.30pm 
Sat and Sun: 10.20am and 2.30pm
Venue: Alliance Francaise Theatre, 1 Sarkies Road, Singapore (258310)
Ticket price: $32
Book tickets here

Disclaimer: Tickets were given to us for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are solely ours.

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