Monday 1 August 2016

Letter to our littlest


You turned 100 days old last week. Like any women whose time seemed to have accelerated after having kids, I questioned, "where did time go?" Watching you grow is a bitter sweet affair. It's wonderful watching how you've progressed with each milestone, but knowing you are likely our last baby, we dearly miss every yesterday as each new day unfolds. We treasure the precious baby moments with you.

It's true that in a party of 3 siblings, we have divided attention. It's tough to find an equal standing and sometimes the sacrifice may not be equal too. But love is not divided, instead it is multiplied. Every one of you get your unique moments, and you know how special you get that 1-1 time with me in the morning. 

I'm thankful that you've been really accommodating most days when I had to leave you to tarry longer in your cries, because I was occupied with chores or with your siblings. But everyone knows, baby has got the priority. So yes, your cries did send me on scrambling feet and your older siblings gave me up to you instantly. We know baby is king.

Many have said it gets more flexible and lenient when it comes to the subsequent children. There is some element of truth, and we do get less paranoid over the things that would have freaked us out when baby caring for big sister. Parenting got wiser and we fell back on the most basic in many circumstances. Be assured, you are always in safe and loving hands. 

Know what, as much as we are enjoying babyhood, we are also highly anticipating your growth, how soon are you gonna start crawling, walking, talking and the many milestones ahead. We are so curious about your development, your personality and whose looks are you gradually taking more of. There's an inner part of us that we can't wait to see you grow.

You arrived and striped your big brother's title of the only son. But I assure you, he's more than happy to have another playmate and sibling for life! You are wonderfully blessed with a big brother who's always jovial and light-hearted, a big sister who's wise and kind-hearted. They adore you tremendously!

Whatever the journey ahead, stay healthy and grow steadily! Thank you for completing us and we love you! 

ps: your frequent fart is killing me softly everyday. But I will be strong!


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