Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Muir Woods

2 weeks ago, we visited Muir Woods, and as the name suggests, it's a park of trees. We took stroll between giant trees with extremely fresh air and great sights. It's extremely unusual to identify myself with nature but after this trip, I thought the nature isn't that boring after all.

The trees in this park are probably the tallest living things in the world. If you are a tree lover, then this is your place.  

 photo DSC00079_zps98409acd.jpg
Big trunk hug
 photo DSC00103edited_zps41a5ead1.jpg
A naturally caved  in hole
After trees, we visited Muir beach. The kids love the beach, and I think I love it as much too. We caught the sunset and scrammed before it got too chilly.

 photo DSC06252_zpsb40f24fd.jpg
They love the sand and the rocks
 photo DSC06253_zpse488a433.jpg
Awesome sunset
Nature is good for the little and big souls.

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