Sunday 27 January 2013

Movie Night Out

It was our first movie night out as a family, surely something we wouldn't have done in SG till the kids are older. This movie night was organized by our housing community in a huge ballroom. 

Together with our fellow villagers, we enjoyed the evening with unlimited access to salted popcorn, drinks, snacks and gummy. It was as if we had a little picnic along with an entertaining movie, and not having to worry about restraining the kids or get stares when your child cries. It was a great night with great family bonding. We watched the cartoon "Brave," I love it!
Movie with Jazz was accompanied with tons of "Why?" My goodness! The endless whys as they grow along. Jare was restless after 40 minutes, but snacks kept him entertained. More movie nights please! 
Movie Brave

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